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NASA SMD: E.12 Space Biology Clarification

By SpaceRef Editor
December 3, 2020
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Program Element E.12 Space Biology
, solicits four different Project Types: Research Investigations, Expanded Integrative Investigations, Early Career Investigations, and GeneLab Analytical Investigations. These Project Types may be limited to one of the specific platforms (i.e., ISS-flight vs. ground) as well as to one or more of the specific focus areas (Integrated Animal Physiology, Plant Biology, or Microbial Ecosystems). Thus, proposers are strongly encouraged to read this program element carefully to ensure that their applications are compliant with the requirements for each Project Type and focus area.


Program Element E.12 Space Biology has been clarified. A short paragraph and a URL were added to the end of Section 2.3 to provide additional information regarding the inclusion of radiation studies in proposals. New text is in bold. The proposal due dates remain unchanged: Step-1 proposals are due December 17, 2020 and Step-2 proposals are due March 23, 2021.


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