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NASA Science Mission Directorate Seeking Engineering Program Managers

By SpaceRef Editor
August 24, 2021
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NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences Division of the Science Mission Directorate will soon solicit applications for highly motivated individuals to provide Engineering Program Management leadership in pioneering scientific discovery and enabling exploration in its Space Biology and Physical Sciences programs, which focuses on the development of research using the space environment to enable space exploration and advance scientific knowledge. The Program Managers will work as part of a diverse and agile team whose core values include excellence, integrity, transparency, teamwork and a growth mindset toward stewarding the nation’s space biology and physical sciences program.


Our Mission

The Division of Biological and Physical Sciences (BPS) leads NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences research, which focuses on using the spaceflight environment to conduct experiments that cannot be conducted on Earth. The mission of BPS is two-pronged:

·        Pioneer scientific discovery in and beyond low Earth orbit to drive advances in science, technology, and space exploration to enhance knowledge, education, innovation, and economic vitality

·        Enable human spaceflight exploration to expand the frontiers of knowledge, capability, and opportunity in space



Execution of this mission requires both scientific research and technology development. BPS administers NASA’s Space Biology Program, which solicits and conducts research to understand how biological systems accommodate to spaceflight environments, and the Physical Sciences Program, which solicits and conducts research to understand how physical systems respond to spaceflight environments, particularly weightlessness. BPS partners with the research community and a wide range of organizations to accomplish its mission. Grants to academic, commercial, and government laboratories are the core of BPS’s research and technology development efforts. Partnerships with other NASA organizations, other government agencies, industry and international partners provide access to a broad range of experimental platforms, involvement of a diverse set of experts, and translation of results to a wide community. BPS research and technology development is conducted on a wide range of experimental platforms including ground-based analogs for spaceflight, drop towers and aircraft that provide seconds of weightlessness, to free-flyer satellites. The International Space Station (ISS) is a critically important United States facility that provides researchers the ability to conduct long-duration experiments in low Earth orbit.


About the Position

The Engineering Program Managers within the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) serve as technical and programmatic experts in the management and administration of complex agency aerospace programs, supporting the Biological & Physical Sciences (BPS) Division. Responsibilities include:

·        Serves as a subject-matter expert in providing leadership and direction in engineering and program/project management for the BPS Division (

·        Manages and directs a program or part of a program, consisting of a portfolio of complex flight- and ground-based projects with multiple interfaces that are implemented by several NASA field centers.

·        Leads the development of program and project strategy, concepts, enhancements, integration, and management approaches for space flight payloads, instruments, ground systems and technology development, in light of technical requirements, and costs.

·        In close collaboration with Program Scientists, develops and implements collaborations with outside partners, such as other NASA organizations, other government agencies, academia, and commercial and international partners.

·        Provides authoritative and comprehensive direction, advice, and assistance to ensure the BPS Research Program is managed at the NASA Centers in an integrated manner, based on Agency and national BPS program requirements.

·        In close coordination with Program Scientists, develops, prepares, analyzes, and validates near- and long-range budget planning estimates that support the program’s science mission objectives and related research work.

·        Interprets and implements Agency approved program financial management resources and regulatory directives.

·        Promotes diversity and inclusiveness within the workplace, within NASA appointed teams and committees, and within the science community.


Position Location

The duty station will be determined upon selection and may be at NASA Headquarters or any NASA center.


Application Process

The job announcement will open for applications at on Thursday, September 2 and will close on Tuesday, September 7. Please look for the Engineering Program Manager job announcement number HQ-21-DE-11186201-LR.


Further Information

Candidates interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact NASA well in advance so they can make a well-informed decision on submitting an application during the very short (3

working day) window when the job opportunity will be open for applications. Questions about this anticipated opening for an Engineering Program Managers at NASA Headquarters may be

directed to Diane C. Malarik, Deputy Director, Space Biology and Physical Sciences Division,


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