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NASA ROSES-2020 Clarification Regarding Acronyms

By SpaceRef Editor
May 22, 2020
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The ROSES-2020 Summary of Solicitation has been clarified to set this default rule for all ROSES-2020 proposals regarding the use of acronyms: If an acronym used in the page limited Scientific/Technical/Management (S/T/M) section needs to be defined, it must be defined within the S/T/M section at least the first time it is used. That is, proposers may not define acronyms solely in a list outside of the page-limited S/T/M section. If and only if acronyms are defined within the S/T/M section, may an acronym list also be provided outside of the S/T/M section.


Questions regarding this clarification to ROSES-2020 may be directed to

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