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NASA ROSES-20 Amendment 9: Delay of Near-Term Heliophysics Due Dates

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March 26, 2020
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In order to give the science community more time to adapt to remote activities because of the COVID-19 emergency, a number of near-term Heliophysics (Appendix B) due dates have been delayed.


This Amendment delays both Step-1 and Step-2 due dates for the following program elements:


B.4 Heliophysics Guest Investigators Open (HGIO) Step-1 proposals are now due April 29, 2020, and Step-2 proposals are now due July 29, 2020. Proposers to HGIO are reminded that both Step-1 and Step-2 proposals to HGIO will be evaluated using a dual-anonymous review process. Proposals must be prepared according to the guidelines in Section 2.2 of the program element and in the associated “Guidelines for Anonymous Proposals” document under “Other Documents” on the NSPIRES page for HGIO.


B.12 Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements (HDEE) Step-1 proposals are now due May 8, 2020, and Step-2 proposals are now due July 1, 2020. Please note that this year there are two types of proposals with two different page limits and dollar values. See Section 1.3 of the HDEE program element text.


B.13 Heliophysics U.S. Participating Investigator Step-1 proposals are now due May 8, 2020, and Step-2 proposals are now due July 1, 2020.


B.14 Early Career Investigator Program Step-1 proposals are now due May 27, 2020, and Step-2 proposals are now due August 26, 2020.


Questions concerning this amendment may be directed to Mona Kessel at


On or about March 26, 2020, this Amendment to the NASA Research Announcement “Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2020” (NNH20ZDA001N) will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at and will appear on SARA’s ROSES blog at:


Questions concerning B.4 Heliophysics Guest Investigators Open may be directed to Galen Fowler at


Questions concerning B.12 Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements may be directed to Jeffrey J. E. Hayes at and D. Aaron Roberts at


Questions concerning B.13 Heliophysics U.S. Participating Investigator may be directed to Simon Plunkett at


Questions concerning B.14 Early Career Investigator Program, may be directed to Katya Verner at


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