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NASA ROSES-19 Amendment 55: Update to DRAFT text for E.5 AISR: Autonomous Robotics Research for Ocean Worlds and due date for comments delayed

By SpaceRef Editor
December 3, 2019
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ROSES-19 Amendment 55: This amendment provides more time for comments, inserts a new section about intellectual property rights, and provides a link to information about the Ocean Worlds Testbeds, and information about testbed scheduling. 


The Applied Information Systems Research (AISR) program that seeks innovative ideas for applying advanced information and related technologies to increase life cycle effectiveness and efficiency of SMD programs. This DRAFT for community comment is for an instance called Autonomous Robotics Research for Ocean Worlds (ARROW) to develop autonomy software systems to significantly increase the robustness and productivity of future Ocean Worlds lander missions.


Specifically, ARROW would seek functional and system-level autonomous capabilities for future Ocean Worlds lander missions that:


a)    increase the productivity of surface science operations;

b)    reduce the frequency of ground control contact and uplink/downlink command cycles necessary for surface science operations; and

c)    enable autonomous adaptation to spacecraft faults, degradations, failures or other unexpected conditions.


This program would not solicit technology for a flight opportunity, proposers will be required to test and demonstrate the developed technology using testbeds (see Section 2.3) developed and supported by NASA.


The time period for public comment has been extended to December 10, 2019 to allow for comments on the Testbed documentation; no other changes to the schedule are expected. Comments on the draft text are to be provided via email to


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