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NASA ROSES-18 Amendment 15: A.37 Disasters Text Change and Due Date Delay

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June 1, 2018
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ROSES-18 Amendment 15: Changes to the text and delay of due date for A.37 Earth Science Applications: Disaster Risk Reduction and Response.
The Applied Sciences Program’s Disasters Response Application area promotes the integration of Earth science data and information for disaster risk reduction and resilience. Effective application decision tools for this purpose should address socio-economic challenges, sustainable development, environmental management, climate change adaptation, or humanitarian assistance, among others. The Disaster Program emphasizes information and tools for situational awareness and decision-making support for action, therefore integrated science that identifies linkages or leverages activities for risk reduction and resilience across the societal benefit areas are encouraged. These linkages may include, for example, the relationship to trans-boundary water stresses, extreme weather hazard impacts, energy-power outages, agriculture and food security, infrastructure impacts, disruptions to at-risk cities and municipalities, and other impacts of primary and secondary hazards across the themes discussed above. Through this program element, the Applied Sciences Program supports projects that apply Earth observations in decision-making activities for disaster response and resilience and further NASA’s strategic goals in earth system science applications for societal benefit. The program element is intended to support projects that will provide useful information to improve action, plans, and assessments of resilience in human and bio-geophysical systems in various disaster prone and high-risk regions of the globe on scales ranging from local to regional to global.
Two changes have been made to the text in Section 4.5 of A.37 Earth Science Applications: Disaster Risk Reduction and Response: First, the previously separate 1-page “Project Management Approach and Tools” and “Schedule” sections of proposals have been combined as a single 2-page “Project Management Approach, Tools and Schedule” section. Second, it is noted that Gantt/dependency and organization charts may be appended to this section and do not count against the 2-page limit. New text is in bold and deleted text is struck through.
The due date for proposals has been delayed. Proposals are now due June 29, 2018.
On or about June 1, 2018, this Amendment to the NASA Research Announcement “Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2018” (NNH18ZDA001N) will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at and will appear on the RSS feed at:
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