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NASA ROSES-16 Amendment 51: D.9 Roman Technology Fellowships

By SpaceRef Editor
December 14, 2016
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ROSES-16 Amendment 51: This amendment announces the return of the Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship (RTF) program, which had previously been listed as not solicited in ROSES-2016.

The goals of the Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship (RTF) program in Astrophysics are to provide early-career researchers the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to lead astrophysics flight instrument development projects, including suborbital investigations, in preparation to become Principal Investigators (PIs) of future astrophysics missions; to develop innovative technologies for space astrophysics that have the potential to enable major scientific breakthroughs; and to foster new talent by putting early career instrument builders on a trajectory towards long-term positions. NASA is committed to supporting deserving early career researchers by selecting one or more Roman Technology Fellows every year.

This program consists of two components with two different submission procedures. The first component is the application to be named a Roman Technology Fellow (RTF) through a one-page application submitted along with a proposal submitted to D.3 the Astrophysics Research and Analysis (APRA) program element. The second component is the subsequent submission to this program element of a proposal for up to $300K in Fellowship Funds by a previously selected RTF once that individual obtains a permanent or permanent track position.

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to William (Billy) Lightsey at [email protected]

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