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NASA ROSES-10 Amendment 27: New proposal opportunity in Appendix A.40, Airborne Science: UAS Enabled Earth Science Program.

By SpaceRef Editor
December 23, 2010
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This amendment announces a new proposal opportunity in ROSES 2010 via Appendix A.40, Airborne Science: UAS Enabled Earth Science Program.

The NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Earth Science Division in partnership with NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate solicits competitively selected Unmanned Aircraft System-enabled Earth Science investigations. SMD believes that unmanned aircraft systems have the potential to transform the way airborne science platforms contribute to Earth system science investigations and monitoring. This Airborne Science (UAS) project element solicits proposals for complete UAS, investigations to conduct innovative, integrated, hypothesis or scientific question driven approaches to pressing Earth system science issues. These new investigations will be competitively selected to provide opportunity for investment in innovative UAS-enabled Earth system science to enhance our capability to better understand the current state of the Earth and predict future change.

This solicitation asks for proposals to conduct a UAS-based (enabled) Earth science/remote sensing flight campaign with science objectives to be determined by the proposers, consistent with the goals and objectives identified in the 2010 Science Plan for NASA

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