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NASA RFI: Preparation for the Development of a Community-based Roadmap for Planetary Data Services

By SpaceRef Editor
November 8, 2015
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Response Date: January 5, 2016

NASA is preparing to work with the planetary science community to develop a Roadmap for its Planetary Data Services – the data and sample management architecture that supports the robotic exploration of the Solar System – particularly, the Planetary Data System (PDS). This Roadmap will address actions for the years 2017-2026. NASA is seeking input from the planetary and data science communities in the form of a Request For Information (RFI) designated NNH15ZDA012L that has been posted on NSPIRES:

Select Open Solicitations, then search on NNH15ZDA012L.

NASA especially seeks input on the following topics [edited]:

1. What tools, resources, workflows, tutorials, and interfaces
2. Making the archiving process seamless, less costly and more efficient
3. The role of PDS relative to other archiving alternatives (e.g., journals), in providing the public access to NASA-generated data
4. Integration of PDS data products and USGS, MPC, other products
5. The role should the PDS play in encouraging the development of higher-order data products
6. Identifiable improvements to the current search capabilities of the PDS

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Michael New

SpaceRef staff editor.