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NASA RFI: Crew Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Notice of Intent: Ares I Upper Stage Production and Ares I Instrument Unit Solicitations

By SpaceRef Editor
August 20, 2006
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NASA RFI: Crew Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Notice of Intent: Ares I Upper Stage Production and Ares I Instrument Unit Solicitations

As further explained in the Request for Information previously posted, the Ares I Upper Stage is planning separate acquisitions for the production and avionics portions of the vehicle. NASA is preparing to invite Industry to participate in several key technical and programmatic events in support of the CLV Upper Stage Acquisitions. The events that Industry may be invited to attend, either as a participant or an observer, will be those that NASA believes will assist contractors in understanding key requirements for the two upcoming procurements. Events may include various Technical Interchange Meetings and the Upper Stage Systems Requirements Review. However, attendance will be limited. Therefore, to assist in planning for these events, potential prime contractors are requested to announce their intention to propose on either or both of the subject acquisitions.

NASA is also planning to participate in an Ares Industry Day to be held in Huntsville, AL during late September with anticipated attendance to include multiple small businesses. In your response, please indicate permission for NASA to notify the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce of your intent in order for you to participate in the event at some level during the planned networking session. More details on the Industry Day are available at

Finally, NASA is planning for the potential to have office space available, on a non-interference basis with on-going work, for identified potential primes at the MFSC Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) to assist in their understanding of the Government’s requirements for proposal development.

Details of the technical meetings and procedures for MAF office space availability will be provided at a later date.

Contractors that respond to this notice of intent as a potential prime proposer will be responsible for working with their teammates and subcontractors to keep attendance within established headcounts for each event. Contractors that have established teaming or subcontractor relationships must register only once for the respective procurement.

Failure to make this early announcement will not preclude any firm from proposing on the planned solicitations. However, attendance at NASA technical and programmatic events, as well as the possibility to have limited access at MAF, will be predicated on response to this notice. NASA’s ability to accommodate MAF office space or attendance at technical meetings is dependent on the number of responses received. Responses are due back no later than August 25 to Earl Pendley, Office of Procurement, PS40, Marshall Space Flight Center AL 35754; e-mail; and the phone number is 256-544-2949 if there are any questions. E-mail response is sufficient.

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