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NASA RFI: Ares I Upper Stage RFI Update August 2006

By SpaceRef Editor
August 20, 2006
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NASA RFI: Ares I Upper Stage RFI Update August 2006

The planning for the development and production of the Ares I (previously Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV)) Upper Stage continues and the following information is provided to assist Industry in planning for upcoming acquisitions.

NASA programmatic reviews have resulted in a slight change to the Constellation Level II Systems Requirements Review (SRR). Each subsystem has adjusted accordingly. Therefore, the Upper Stage Production Request for Proposal (RFP) and subsequent award schedule is now planned as follows:

  • Draft RFP – 12/06
  • Pre-solicitation Conference – 01/07
  • RFP – 02/07
  • Award – 08/07

The Ares I Instrument Unit (previously Avionics Production) contract schedule is being reviewed and any updates will be announced at this site in the near future.

A separate Notice of Intent synopsis, to include both the Ares I Upper Stage Production and the Ares I Instrument Unit, is being planned for publication on NAIS in the next few days.

Advanced development component activities continue to progress. Glenn Research Center is planning Sources Sought Synopsis for potential acquisitions such as Hydraulic Actuators and is planning a solicitation for development work on batteries. MSFC has issued a commercial item solicitation for material requirements, and RFI’s for Pyrotechnics and Thermal Protection Systems (TPS). MFSC also has actions are in review for potential solicitations for Reaction Control System Thruster development; Main Propulsion System’s pre-valves, Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Recirculation Pumps, Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) Recirculation pumps, and Helium (He) and Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) Vent and Relief Valves. An overall component planning schedule will be posted at the Exploration Website. Interested parties should continue to monitor the NASA Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) website for advanced development opportunities.

Any questions can be sent to Earl Pendley, phone 256-544-2949, or e-mail at

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