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NASA Request for Proposal (RFP) for Enterprise Architecture services, RFP # NNH05116650R

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December 9, 2005
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09 December 2005


SUBJECT: Request for Proposal (RFP) for Enterprise Architecture services, RFP # NNH05116650R

NASA Headquarters is requesting proposals for Enterprise Architecture services in accordance with the attached Statement of Work (SOW), Attachment A. NASA intends to acquire these services by competing this requirement among small business concerns. The resultant contract will be a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. Enclosed are the clauses that will be used for this procurement and a copy of the SOW, Attachment A. The period of performance will be for three years from the date of contract award with two one-year option periods that may be exercised if in the best interest of the Government with a 60 day notice to the Contractor of intent to exercise the option period.

Only the required minimum amount of information is requested to provide for proper evaluation. Efforts should be made to keep offers as brief as possible, concentrating on substantial information which is essential for proper evaluation. Offers shall not exceed 25 pages, see III.7 of the RFP. The offeror must complete and submit the enclosed Representative Task Orders (RTOs), Exhibit B of the RFP. Within 30 days after award of this procurement, the successful offeror must submit their Information Technology Security Plan for NASA’s approval. This plan must be consistent with and provide further detail of the approach contained in the offeror’s quote that resulted in the award of this order and in compliance with the requirements stated in the NFS 1852.204-76 Security Requirements for Unclassified Information Technology Resources. The plan, as approved by the Contracting Officer, shall be incorporated into the contract as a compliance document.

One original and one (1) copy of requested information shall be submitted to the Contracting Office. Quotes are due by close of business (4:30 pm EST), Monday, 09 January 2006. RFPs will not be accepted after this date. Proposals shall be delivered to:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Building 16W
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Attn: Jackie R. Wolfe

Please note that this request does not commit the Government to pay for any costs incurred in the submission of an offeror’s proposal, nor to contract for specified services. Full, accurate and complete information is required by this request in accordance with U.S.C. 1001, which also prescribes the penalties for making false statements.

Questions regarding this procurement must be submitted in writing by 12 o’clock Noon, Friday, 16 December 2005. Please email questions to the attention of Jackie Wolfe at the email address listed below. The Government will only accept questions submitted in writing.

For further clarification, please feel free to contact Jackie Wolfe at

Thank you for your interest in this requirement,

Jacqueline R. Wolfe
Contract Specialist

Attachment: Request for Proposal (RFP)




This Statement of Work (SOW) defines the requirements and work scope for successfully implementing, populating, and maintaining a NASA Enterprise Architecture (EA). This requirement is in support of NASA Headquarters’ Office of the Chief Information Officer. The approach and framework for implementing the NASA EA shall comply with OMB’s Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) guidelines and approach and shall comply with NASA’s 7120.5C process. The Contractor shall use a Zachman-like approach to defining and implementing EA, and each EA component shall map back to the specific FEA category it represents. Activities shall incorporate an appropriate level of strategic direction and governance to create an environment where information systems and technologies at NASA can (1) enable anywhere, anytime access to information and people and where (2) IT investments are used more effectively and (3) the target environment helps to meet NASA’s mission objectives.


The contractor shall have demonstrated experience and extensive understanding of each of the following:

  • The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF); including scope, direction, and governance practices.
  • General Accountability Office (GAO) EA Maturity Management Framework (EAMMF) model, how it is scored and how to advance against the scorecard
  • Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), Zachman and FEAF framework models in advancing agency strategic goals.
  • EA Best-practice experience from other Federal agencies.
  • Working knowledge of Industry EA Best Practices.
  • Working relationships experience with program and project managers to understand their role in evolving the Agency and EA.
  • EA NASA Procedural Requirements 2830.1 to support programs, projects, activities and task managers through EA Project and Service reviews as appropriate.

III. WORK SCOPE The work scope shall comprise the following major deliverables that focus explicitly on maturing NASA’s EA. The contractor shall use best practices in conducting the appropriate activity level to achieve each deliverable.

  • Conduct semi-annual Enterprise Architecture analysis based on the reciprocal maturity of the As-Is and To-Be states and then propose draft updates to EA Volumes 1-5.
  • Define scope, prepare curriculum, and deliver an annual EA workshop for the NASA EA community; define scope, prepare curriculum, and deliver and at least one EA workshop limited to the NASA EA Core team.
  • Facilitate appropriate Enterprise Architecture Discussions, Conduct interviews, gather artifacts, and prepare reports that capture strategic intent for NASA, Mission Directorates, Centers, Programs, and projects in order to forecast To-Be future state EA analysis.
  • Develop and populate EA Services Reference Model by Conducting interviews, gathering artifacts, and preparing reports that capture the services provided by NASA, Mission Directorates, Centers, Programs, and projects.
  • Provide Information Technology Project Manager (ITPM) training to Center architects and selected community users as needed.
  • Prepare EA Reviews for projects and Services working with the appropriate program, project or service managers on all required elements. The specific instructions for the reviews are contained in NPR 2830.1 Appendixes A & B.
  • Evolve the breadth and scope of content in the EA repository; build custom reports based on executive user requirements; integrate models from other tools into ITPM.
  • Maintain a comprehensive EA project plan that fully describes the overall EA activity and reflects General Accountability Office (GAO) EA Maturity Management Framework (EAMMF). The GAO EAMMF (version 1.1) is fully described in GAO-03-584G “Information Technology: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Enterprise Architecture Management (Version 1.1)” published April 2003.

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