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NASA Request for Information (RFI) for the Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology Program (IHPRPT)

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November 5, 2002
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General Information

  • Document Type: Special Notice
  • Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-RFI-03-01-PKT
  • Posted Date: Nov 01, 2002
  • Original Response Date: Dec 02, 2002
  • Current Response Date: Dec 02, 2002
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  • Classification Code: A — Research & Development

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, AFFTC – AF Flight Test Center, 5 S WOLFE AVE, Edwards AFB, CA, 93524-1185



The Government is interested in obtaining information from industry in the form of Advanced Rocket Propulsion Plans (ARPPs) regarding how future goals for the Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology (IHPRPT) program may be met.

This RFI is for an addendum or an update to a contractor’s existing ARPP. The purpose of the addendum is to incorporate the efforts in support of new or existing technology. These efforts are to be addressed under the Boost and Orbit Transfer Propulsion (including propulsion efforts of The Sustainment of Strategic Systems (TSSS) IPT), Spacecraft Propulsion, and Tactical Propulsion mission application areas. The baseline data and goal summary information is included in the IHPRPT RFI Supplemental package for the mission application areas relative to the IHPRPT efforts.

A contractor who currently does not have an ARPP, but wishes to respond to the RFI must as a minimum, generate an ARPP that will satisfy all IHPRPT goals applicable to at least one propulsion system type within an application area. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this synopsis or to otherwise pay for the information requested under this synopsis. This is not a request for proposal or an invitation for bid, but a request for information only. Those who have not previously been associated with the IHPRPT program should be aware of the following: The IHPRPT program will involve technology acquisitions that have military or space applications and are subject to Air Force Material Command FAR Supplement, Subpart 5327.90, Foreign Disclosure. In addition, foreign owned or influenced firms and foreign governments will not be allowed to participate as prime contractors. Only U.S. contractors who are registered and certified with the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC), Federal Center, Battle Creek, Michigan 49017-3084 (1-800-352-3572) that have a legitimate business purpose or who are teamed with one of the registered contractors will have access to the IHPRPT RFI Supplemental package containing restricted information such as current component objectives and baselines.

If you are registered with the DLSC, you must submit a copy of the approved DD Form 2345, Military Critical Technical Data Agreement, with your request for the supplemental package.

To receive a copy of the IHPRPT RFI Supplemental Package please contact Mr. Drew DeGeorge, AFRL/PRS, 661-275-5713. Submitters are advised that representatives from DoD and NASA, as well as employees of Aerospace Corporation; SPARTA Inc.; Spiral Inc.; Sverdrup, Inc.; Nyma Inc.; Centech Group Inc.; and ERC Inc may assist the Government as advisors in reviewing the ARPPs.

Any objection to the disclosure of information to these non-Government advisors should be provided in writing BEFORE the date set for receipt of documents and shall include a detailed statement for the basis of the objection. The Government will provide written comments to each Contractor specifically in the following areas: completeness, strengths, weaknesses, cost and probability of successful completion (program management and technical approach).

The comments will be based on the following: Does the ARPP address all the IHPRPT goals within all the phases of the selected mission application area(s)? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Is this a viable plan and do the projects integrate together toward a demonstration of simultaneous goal achievement? Does the ARPP contain all the information requested in the RFI? Is the ARPP clear, concise and well organized? Reviews of the ARPPs will be scheduled to occur at each respective responder?s facility. The IHPRPT program is a DoD/NASA/industry coordinated effort to develop revolutionary and innovative technologies by the year 2010 that will permit a doubling of rocket propulsion capabilities over the 1993 state-of-the-art technology.

The program is structured in three phases, with nominal completion dates by calendar years 2000, 2005, and 2010 with Strategic Sustainment technology demonstration milestones in 2003 (2004 for the Strategic Sustainment Missile Propulsion demonstrator). The information provided through the ARPPs will be used to review and revise the Government Rocket Propulsion Plan (GRPP) and to aid in requirements definition for future acquisitions.

A Steering Committee comprised of DoD and the NASA representatives will review ARPPs submitted by the United States (U.S.) Rocket Propulsion Industry on these mission application areas. U.S. Rocket Propulsion Industry companies who participate in this program must develop or update ARPPs mapping out their recent past, on-going and future rocket propulsion research and development (R&D) efforts, consistent with the IHPRPT program goals.

The ARPP shall describe in detail the contractor’s plan for full achievement of all the time-phased goals for each proposed propulsion system type within an application area(s); Boost and Orbit Transfer, Spacecraft Propulsion, and Tactical Propulsion. Areas of particular interest include a combined Phase III Solid Boost/TSSS follow-on Missile Propulsion, Phases II and III LOx/H2 (Boost and Upperstage), Phase II and III LOx/Hc with applicability to SOV (Space Operations Vehicle) type vehicles and SMV (Space Maneuvering Vehicle). In the tactical propulsion area, discussion for any goals the contractor believes should be added, is requested as well.

The contractor may propose work in one or all application areas, but must address all goals (referenced in the supplemental package) and phases within any proposed application area for each type of propulsion system. It should be noted that all efforts which address strategic sustainment technology must be separately identifiable from all other efforts for the purposes of technical and financial management. New, innovative concepts and processes are encouraged.

It is the intent of the Government to issue a call for ARPPs on a biannual basis. EIGHT copies of each response must be submitted to Mr. Drew DeGeorge, AFRL/PRS, 5 Pollux Dr. 4 Draco Drive, Edwards AFB CA 93524-7048. Mr. DeGeorge will also be your point of contract for technical questions. Electronic responses are acceptable. Any company proprietary information contained in the response shall be separately marked. Responses shall be due no later than 02 Dec 2002. Items to be delivered to the Government, in response to the RFI, are technical documents. Contractor presentations of the ARPPs will be requested and scheduled after the receipt of responses. Late responses will not be reviewed. The items submitted shall be “For Official Use Only”, unclassified. The point of contact for this RFI is Mr. Drew DeGeorge, AFRL/PRS (661-275-5713).

Original Point of Contact

Donna Thomason, Contract Negotiator, Phone DSN 527-8596, Fax 661-275-9652, Email – Barbara Barcelona, Contract Negotiator, Phone 661-277-3524, Fax 661-275-9613, Email

Current Point of Contact

Donna Thomason, Contract Negotiator, Phone DSN 527-8596, Fax 661-275-9652, Email

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