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NASA Releases University Leadership Initiative Solicitation

By SpaceRef Editor
April 8, 2020
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University Leadership Initiative (ULI) provides the opportunity for university teams to exercise technical and organizational leadership in proposing unique technical challenges in aeronautics, defining multi-disciplinary solutions, establishing peer review mechanisms, and applying innovative teaming strategies to strengthen the research impact.


Research proposals are sought in seven ULI topic areas in Appendix D.4.


Topic 1: Safe, Efficient Growth in Global Operations (Strategic Thrust 1)

Topic 2: Innovation in Commercial Supersonic Aircraft (Strategic Thrust 2)

Topic 3: Ultra-Efficient Subsonic Transports (Strategic Thrust 3)

Topic 4: Safe, Quiet, and Affordable Vertical Lift Air Vehicles (Strategic Thrust 4)

Topic 5: In-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance (Strategic Thrust 5)

Topic 6: Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation (Strategic Thrust 6)

Topic 7: Novel In-Flight and Ground Measurement Techniques for Hypersonic Flight


This NRA will utilize a two-step proposal submission and evaluation process. The initial step is a short mandatory Step-A proposal due June 30, 2020. Those offerors submitting the most highly rated Step-A proposals will be invited to submit a Step-B proposal. All proposals must be submitted electronically through NSPIRES at


An Applicant’s Workshop will be held on Thursday April 30, 2020; 1:00-3:00 p.m. ET ( and sign in as a “Guest” using your full name).


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