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NASA Releases First Update to Implementation Plan for Space Shuttle Return to Flight and Beyond

By SpaceRef Editor
November 24, 2003
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Revision 1.1 Summary November 20, 2003

This revision to NASA’s Implementation Plan for Space Shuttle Return to Flight and
Beyond includes (1) our initial responses to additional data released by the Columbia
Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), (2) preliminary cost estimates for return to flight
activities, (3) a description of NASA’s Space Shuttle return to flight suggestion process,
and (4) updates to selected CAIB and Space Shuttle Program (SSP) actions. This revision
does not change the entire document, but only selected pages which are listed
below. These changed pages can be inserted into the existing document to reflect the
Revision 1.1 update.

A more detailed explanation of Revision 1.1 changes follows:
Initial Responses to Additional CAIB Data. In October 2003, the CAIB released additional
data to supplement their August 2003, Volume I, CAIB Report. This Revision 1.1
provides NASA’s initial responses to Volume II, Appendix D.a, also known as the “Deal
Appendix.” In this appendix, Brigadier General Duane Deal outlined concerns and made
fourteen recommendations aimed at preventing another Shuttle accident. NASA’s initial
responses can be found in a new section 2.3 to this Implementation Plan.
Preliminary Cost Estimates for RTF. NASA’s process for RTF includes developing
cost estimates for RTF activities as they are defined. Since our RTF activities are at
varying states of maturity, the cost estimates provided in this Revision 1.1 are not allinclusive.
The estimates represent those RTF activities that have been approved for
implementation and funding by the Space Shuttle Program and verified by the RTF
Planning Team. Estimates of total cost are presented, excluding reserves. This data can
be found at the end of the Summary section.

NASA’s Process for RTF Suggestions. As part of NASA’s response to the CAIB
recommendations, NASA put in place a means for NASA employees and the public to
provide their ideas to help NASA safely return to flight. NASA created an electronic
mailbox to receive RTF suggestions and a process for responding to each message individually,
including information about where the message will be forwarded for further
review and consideration. A description of the process and a table summarizing results
to date are provided immediately following the Response Summaries.

Updates to Selected CAIB and SSP Actions. Status and schedule updates are
provided to action SSP-1, Quality Planning and Requirements Document/Government
Mandated Inspection points; CAIB Observation O10.4-3, KSC Quality Assurance
Personnel Training Programs; and CAIB Observation O10.4-4, ISO 9000/9001, and
Observation O10.5-3, NASA Oversight Process. These changes can be found in Part 2,
Raising the Bar – Other Corrective Actions.

SpaceRef staff editor.