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NASA Presolicitation Notice: LANDSAT Data Continuity Mission (LDCM)

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August 16, 2002
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General Information

  • Document Type: Presolicitation Notice
  • Solicitation Number: DRFP-12345-JLB
  • Posted Date: Aug 02, 2002
  • Original Response Date: Sep 30, 2002
  • Current Response Date: Sep 30, 2002
  • Original Archive Date: Aug 02, 2003
  • Current Archive Date: Aug 02, 2003
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Contracting Office Address

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters Acquisition Branch, Code 210.H, Greenbelt, MD 20771


NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center’s Headquarters Procurement Office is currently conducting a progressive competition to acquire global land-cover change data and data products as a continuation of the 30-year-old Landsat Program. Currently designated as the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM), LDCM is the next component of the Landsat program being conducted jointly by NASA and USGS. The goals of the LDCM are in keeping with the Landsat programmatic goals stated in the Land Remote Sensing Policy Act of 1992 and the Commercial Space Act of 1998. This policy requires the Landsat Program to provided data into the future, that are sufficiently consistent with previous Landsat data to allow the detection and quantitative characterization of changes in/on the land surface of the globe. This procurement will be conducted using full and open competition procedures in two distinct phases: Formulation and Implementation. During Formulation, offerors develop the preliminary design of the system that will acquire the data, business plans and other relevant documentation. On March 28, 2001, NASA awarded formulation phase contracts to DigitalGlobe of Longmont, Colorado, and Resource21 of Denver, Colorado.

The formulation phase contracts each have a nine- month period of performance, and will be completed in December 2002. The competition for the Implementation Phase will build on the results of the Formulation Phase, and the award criteria for the Implementation Phase will include successful completion of the specified Formulation Phase Requirements. Accordingly, NASA anticipates that only the Formulation Phase contractors will be capable of successfully competing for the Implementation Phase. However, any responsible source may submit a proposal for the Implementation Phase. Upon request, prospective offerors for the Implementation phase other than the Formulation Phase contractors will be provided all material officially furnished to the formulation phase contractors necessary to submit a proposal. To be considered for the Implementation Phase award, offerors must demonstrate design maturity equivalent to that of the Formulation Phase Contractors, such demonstration to include any Formulation Phase deliverables upon which the Implementation Phase award may be based. Failure to fully and completely demonstrate the appropriate level of design maturity may render the proposal unacceptable with no further consideration for contract award. NASA intends to release a draft version of the Implementation Phase Request for Proposal (RFP) for consideration and comment on/about September/October 2002. This draft RFP will be posted on the NASA Acquisition Internet Service Web site at

This draft RFP is for information and planning purposes. No proposal is requested, and no contract will be awarded as a result of this draft RFP. Potential Offerors and LDCM data users are invited to comment on all aspects of the solicitation, including the requirements, proposal instruction, and evaluation approach. If your comments include recommendations for revisions, you must provide your rationale for such revisions for the comments to be considered. NASA intends to release the final Implementation Phase RFP in December 2002/January 2003 timeframe. It is the offeror’s responsibility to monitor the Internet web site for the release of the solicitation and amendments (if any). Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading their own copy of the solicitation and any amendments. Any referenced numbered notes can be viewed at the following URL:

The draft RFP will provide instructions as to the location and method of providing any comments. If you have any questions, you may contact the Contracting Officer, Jim Becker, at (301) 286-4223. An ombudsman has been appointed. NASA has uploaded with this notice a pre-release of the Draft LDCM Data Policy and a Draft Data Rights Table for comment. All comments on these prerelease documents should be sent to the NASA Contracting Officer, Jim Becker, by email at, or by facsimile at 301-286-7434. To the extent practicable, NASA intends to pre-release additional sections of the RFP for comment prior to formal release of the draft RFP. Any such pre-release is considered a market research tool and is provided for information and planning purposes only. No response to any prerelease information is required, but comments may be submitted to the Contracting Officer if desired. These pre-releases will be announced by posting a notice on the NAIS, directing the offeror to the LDCM public website where the pre-release information can be found. It is the offerors responsibility to monitor the Internet web site for any such announcements.

NASA intends to hold a Pre-Solicitation Conference, tentatively scheduled for December 2002, prior to release of the final RFP. The exact location, date, and time of this conference will be announced in a subsequent NAIS notice. It is the offerors responsibility to monitor the Internet web site for this subsequent announcement. NASA is also using this notice to assess the availability of electronic and information technology that meets all or part of the applicable accessibility standards issued by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board at 36 CFR part 1194. Potential offerors may submit comments at any time to the Contracting Officer, Jim Becker, at Based upon market research, the Government is not using the policies contained in Part 12, Acquisition of Commercial Items, in its solicitation for the described supplies or services. See numbered note 26. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code for this procurement is 54171.

Original Point of Contact

James L. Becker, Contracting Officer, Phone (301) 286-4223, Fax (301) 286-0356, Email – James L. Becker, Contracting Officer, Phone (301) 286-4223, Fax (301) 286-0356, Email

Email your questions to James L. Becker at

Current Point of Contact

James L. Becker, Contracting Officer, Phone (301) 286-4223, Fax (301) 286-0356, Email – James L. Becker, Contracting Officer, Phone (301) 286-4223, Fax (301) 286-0356, Email

Email your questions to James L. Becker at

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