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NASA Presolicitation Notice: Budget and Procurement Services for the Systems Management Office

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August 18, 2004
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General Information

Document Type: Presolicitation Notice

Solicitation Number: NNM04074666Q

Posted Date: Aug 17, 2004

Original Response Date: Sep 01, 2004

Current Response Date: Sep 01, 2004

Original Archive Date: Aug 17, 2005

Current Archive Date: Aug 17, 2005

Classification Code: R — Professional, administrative, and management support services

Naics Code: 541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Contracting Office Address

NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812


NASA/MSFC has a requirement for Budgetary and Procurement Support Services for the Systems Management Office for an estimated period of performance of 4 months. NASA/MSFC intends to negotiate with System Studies and Simulation, Inc. (S3), 615 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL 35806, pursuant to FAR 13.106-1(b)(1), since the acquistion of these services are deemed to be reasonably available from this source only. Competition is impractical for the following reasons:

1.     The proposed procurement is a follow-on effort to that currently being provided by S3 under Contract H-33957D.    

MSFC plans to extend this contract for four months through January 20, 2005.    

S3 has provided these services since June 20, 2001.      

S3 has unique capabilities in that S3 personnel currently providing this support have demonstrated they have the requisite knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to efficiently and effectively satisfy the Government?s requirements.    

The proposed effort requires the use of personnel who have a high degree of knowledge, skills, and experience with MSFC?s Integrated Financial Management/SAP system as well as MSFC?s processes and procedures associated with budgets and procurement.    

2.     S3 is uniquely situated in that it is capable of continuing to provide the proposed support over the four-month period of performance without any adverse impacts such as disruptions in service, decreases in productivity due to learning curves, etc., that are typically associated with transitioning from an incumbent contractor to a new contractor. The Government does not intend to acquire a commercial item using FAR Part 12.      

See Note 26. Interested organizations may submit their capabilities and qualifications to perform the effort in writing to Monica C. Williams not later than 4:30 p.m. local time on September 1, 2004.    

Such capabilities/qualifications will be evaluated solely for the purpose of determining whether or not to conduct this procurement on a competitive basis.      

A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed effort on a full and open competition basis, based upon responses to this notice, is solely within the discretion of the government. Oral communications are not acceptable in response to this notice. All responsible sources may submit an offer which shall be considered by the agency. An Ombudsman has been appointed.    

See NASA Specific Note “B”. Any referenced notes may be viewed at the following URLs linked below.

Original Point of Contact

Monica C. Williams, Contracting Officer, Phone (256) 544-5053, Fax (256) 544-6488, Email – Marty B. Hanson, Contracting Officer, Phone (256) 544-0989, Fax (256) 544-4400, Email

Email your questions to Monica C. Williams at

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