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NASA PAO notes from 1 September 2005 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hurricane Katrina Recovery Efforts Teleconference

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September 1, 2005
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· Parsons says need to make sure we coordinate better through EOC for all activities

1 Stennis was not on this teleconference (many attempts were made to contact them)

2 Airplane left Washington this morning and is now at Marshall (with 30 satellite phones) for Stennis – It’s having a little trouble getting to Stennis right now but they’re working on it

3 Supplies coming to Stennis as of this morning:

· EOC working a fuel source from Arkansas – That’s in addition to the diesel and unleaded gas Stennis is procuring for itself

1 100 blue tarps coming from Marshall to Stennis

2 EOC needs the exact type of trash truck Stennis needs

· EOC wants to push to Red Cross more that Stennis has 1,000 civilians who have taken refuge at Stennis and something needs to be done to help these people – NASA isn’t set up to continue assisting them so an appropriate agency needs to come in an do so

1 Michoud’s Needs:

· A paramedic and high voltage techs to help when the facility gets back on the power grid – Chief Medical Officer will coordinate paramedic support

1 Asking employees to check in everyday at noon

2 Looking for equipment to help repair some roof damage at Michoud – EOC will take a multi-center approach to getting the right equipment

3 Still only way in-and-out of Michoud is by helicopter and boat

· Financial Support Efforts:

· Payroll system has been set up to make sure Stennis and Michoud employees get paid

1 CFO is doing center planning – the agency’s books can’t be closed without Stennis

2 Working on emergency funding – Space Operations has provided $15 million in seed money to assist

3 Working on travel code procedures, TDY, how and where do displaced employees file, etc. – Should have this information available in the next day or so

4 Working on increasing spending limits on government travel cards

5 EOC asking how people may be able to tap into their TSP accounts for a one-time use

· Medical Support:

· There’s a doctor and nurse heading to Stennis this morning with additional medical supplies

1 Two telemedicine unit vans will arrive at Marshall tonight to head to Stennis tomorrow – This will provide video links with Stennis – The vans also have Ham radios and they also have solar power backups

2 Over the next few days, we expect to see people running out of medicine and infectious diseases starting to develop – But right now the employees and citizens who are at Stennis are ok

· Interagency meeting this morning on hurricane recovery

· NASA apparently one of the hardest hit agencies

1 National response coordinating to make sure Stennis is recognized as having a high need since it’s turned into an emergency relief center

· Center EOCs:

· Ames is making a list of personnel skill sets to offer help

1 Working on getting high voltage techs to help when Stennis get back on the power grid

2 JSC has set up volunteers to put up displaced people, volunteer housing – If people can get to JSC, it can put people up in homes, give them working space, enroll children in schools, etc.

3 KSC –

· Is processing generators to send to Stennis

1 Preparing to send replacement security teams to Michoud next week and start a rotational basis of security support – The security teams will bring fresh food supplies and MREs

2 Will send its helicopter for hurricane support this week

· Communications at Stennis and Michoud

· The gateways into both facilities are ok

1 Telephones are back up at Michoud

· CIO:

· Will work to establish how employees can find out what’s going on, basic FAQs, etc. – PAO will promote when the web sites are online

· EOC pulling together a packet of information of helpful points for employees of how to work with FEMA, Red Cross, insurance companies if you hurricane losses

1 EOC has designated the meteorology group at JSC to be the point of contact for general weather support and heads up for the recovery effort

2 EOC says it’s working with CFO to get cash to hurricane victim employees since it may be very hard for them to get into their bank accounts right now 

3 Robert Lightfoot (HQ) is headed to Stennis to provide on-site assessment for EOC

4 NASA EOC will get in contact with Lockheed Martin’s EOC to coordinate

5 J. Sutton working waivers on aircraft approvals for mission requirements that are specifically approved by the EOC (not required to have SES aboard)

6 Homeland Security has asked can it get some of their personnel into Stennis so they can assess damage to their facilities since they don’t have anyone there now – EOC looking to do that next week

7 EOC top action items review from this meeting:

· Phones to Stennis, they’re on their way

1 Types of trucks needed for trash transportation at Stennis

2 Fuel resupply for Stennis

3 Support displaced refugees at Stennis need to transfer to other support agencies (Red Cross)

4 Vouchers to pay employees

5 Web site and info for people to call in that they’re fine

6 Procedures needed for aircraft that are providing air support to Stennis

· The next EOC hurricane recovery update teleconference will take place at 4p EDT

· EOC will continue teleconference tagups during the weekend, exact times are TBD

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