Status Report

NASA NSPIRES Unavailable

By SpaceRef Editor
July 25, 2008
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NSPIRES is unavailable as of today, Friday July 25, and may not be available until next week. Four ROSES-08 program elements have proposal due dates within the next week. The due dates for all four will be deferred. Due dates for any Notices of Intent (NOIs) to propose that are due next week will also be deferred.

The deferral will be at least the number of days that NSPIRES is unavailable, and proposals will be due no earlier than two days after NSPIRES is available again. The program elements that will be deferred are: B.9 SDO Science Center (scheduled to be due Friday July 25), A.27 SMAP SDT (scheduled to be due Tuesday July 29), A.21 ACT, and A.26 ICESat II SDT (both scheduled to be due Wednesday July 30). When new due dates are set, an NSPIRES email announcement will be sent to the community and the new due dates will be posted on NSPIRES.

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