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NASA NSPIRES: NASA Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration Missions

By SpaceRef Editor
July 31, 2013
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NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) has released solicited research response area NRA NNJ13ZSA002N-FLAGSHIP “NASA Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration Missions” that solicits applied research in support of HRP goals and objectives. This response area is Appendix A of the Human Exploration Research Opportunities (HERO) NRA (NNJ13ZSA002N).

Proposals are solicited by NASA in the areas of Short-Term Mild Hypoxia (Exploration Atmosphere) Effects on Visual Impairment and Intracranial Pressure (VIIP) Related Variables, Immune Function and Oxidative Stress and Damage during Long-Term Spaceflight on the International Space Station (ISS), Cerebral Spinal Fluid Production/Absorption and Various Other Effects of 90 Days Hind-Limb Suspension in Rats: Tissue Sharing Opportunities, Combined Effects of Simulated Deep Space Radiation and Weightlessness on Health Related Biomarkers and Oxidative Stress and Damage in Cell Cultures, Standardized Behavioral Health Measures List, Antarctic Long Duration Neurostructural Change, Neurobehavioral Conditions List for Characterizing Behavioral Health Risk for Exploration Missions, Specialized Roles Necessary for Effective Team Function and Performance on Exploration Missions, Biomarkers as Predictors of Behavioral Health Outcomes, Computational Modeling and Simulation for Habitat/Vehicle Design and Assessment, Automated Data Collection Tools for Habitability Design and Assessment, and Kinetics of Degradation of Vitamins B1 and K through Processing and Storage of Spaceflight Foods.

Appendix A of the HERO NRA and associated documentation can be found at:{1508B7F5-1CBA-4EAC-7D10-0D9D1C62E47D}&path=open

The HERO NRA including all open appendices is available through the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at:{3ECC0A86-6C9E-AC76-804C-025A7396B161}&path=open

Appendix A Step-1 proposals are due September 4, 2013. Invited Appendix A Step-2 proposals are due December 3, 2013.

All categories of United States (U.S.) institutions are eligible to submit proposals in response to the NRA. Principal Investigators may collaborate with universities, Federal Government laboratories, the private sector, and state and local government laboratories. In all such arrangements, the applying entity is expected to be responsible for administering the project according to the management approach presented in the proposal. NASA’s policy is to conduct research with non-U.S. organizations on a cooperative, no exchange-of-funds basis.

This email is being sent on behalf of HRP and is intended as an information announcement to the research community related to the NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD) Human Research Program (HRP).

Thank you for your continued interest in NASA and NSBRI. Please refer to the solicitation document for contact information.

SpaceRef staff editor.