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NASA NRA: MaterialsLab Open Science Campaigns for Experiments on the International Space Station

By SpaceRef Editor
October 1, 2015
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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released NASA Research Announcement (NRA) NNH15ZTT002N, entitled “Research Opportunities in Materials Science – MaterialsLab Open Science Campaigns for Experiments on the International Space Station.” This NRA solicits materials science research proposals for investigations to be conducted aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The research will be conducted as part of the NASA Physical Sciences MaterialsLab Open Science Campaign.

The NRA solicits research proposals in the following four themes: 1) Thermophysical Property Measurements; 2) Materials Processes Affecting Microstructure, Composition, and the Resultant Material Characteristics; 3) Biophysics, specifically the Biomaterials and Biofilms subthemes; and 4) Liquid Crystals Research Using a Modified OASIS Experiment. After award, selected investigators will be assigned by NASA to a specific Science Definition Team within a given research area. Flight investigations developed by the Science Definition Team will include 1) the original experiment from each selected proposal and 2) an expanded set of experiments that includes additional data test points beyond the originally proposed experiments.

The solicitation is applicable to researchers in all categories of U.S. and non-U.S. organizations, including educational institutions, industry, nonprofit organizations, NASA Centers and other U.S. Government agencies. Proposals including international participation are eligible, provided NASA policies regarding the conduct of research with non-U.S. organizations are met.

Proposals solicited through this NRA will use a two-step proposal process. Step-1 proposals are required and must be submitted by October 29, 2015. Proposers whose Step-1 proposals are evaluated to be relevant to the Research Emphases outlined in the NRA will be invited to submit full Step-2 proposals, which must be submitted by January 14, 2016.

Proposals must be submitted electronically by an authorized official of the proposing organization. Proposers may use either NSPIRES ( or ( for proposal submission. Every organization that intends to submit a proposal in response to this NRA must be registered with NSPIRES, and such registration must identify the authorized organizational representative(s) who will submit the electronic proposal. Instructions on how to register in NSPIRES are provided in the NRA. Each electronic proposal system places requirements on the registration of principal investigators and other participants (e.g. co-investigators). Potential applicants are urged to access these sites well in advance of the proposal due date to familiarize themselves with their structure and to register in the systems.

The full text of the solicitation is available on the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at under menu listing “Open Solicitations.” The direct link to the solicitation is Questions with regard to responding to this NRA may be addressed to the contacts referenced in the full solicitation document.

This is a broad agency announcement as specified in FAR 6.102 (d)(2). Notwithstanding the posting of this opportunity at,, or, NASA reserves the right to determine the appropriate award instrument for each proposal selected pursuant to this announcement.

SpaceRef staff editor.