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NASA NEEMO 10 : Mission Day 7: Friday, July 28th, 2006 Mission: Saturation

By SpaceRef Editor
August 1, 2006
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NASA NEEMO 10 : Mission Day 7: Friday, July 28th, 2006 Mission: Saturation

Having done a number of 10 day missions, this 7 day NEEMO 10 mission flew by. It’s hard to believe that we are already decompressing in preparation to return to the surface. This was my first time conducting a mission using the SuperLite 17 diving system from the habitat. It had its challenges and I learned a few things. The NASA/NOAA Aquanaut team seemed to be well pleased with the results of using SL-17’s to simulate moving about on the moon and mars. The helmet cameras and communications really enhanced their capabilities. The ROV provided an interesting addition to the habitat’s support capabilities. The camera shots it provided were great and I’m sure NASA’s EXPOC enjoyed controlling it from Houston.

On Thursday, we had the privilege of an audio/video link to the International Space Station. An Aquarius alumnae, Jeff Williams, was on the station. It’s truly impressive when you’re living below the ocean talking to friends living in space circling the earth. What a world! From my perspective here in Aquarius, the collaboration between NASA, NOAA and UNCW was quite successful. Goals were met and exceeded. Karen Kohanowich, from NOAA’s National Undersea Research Program, will have some interesting sea stories to relate back at headquarters. It was a pleasure to have her and the rest of the crew aboard for this mission. Koichi did a fantastic job keeping his crew focused on a busy NASA time line. Drew and Karen Nyberg were always enthusiastic and willing to help the techs out when needed. Dominic, of the NURC crew, was indispensable in keeping the myriad “electronicals”, that were so important for this mission, on line.

Of course, no Aquarius mission can be conducted without topside support. The NASA topside team was very busy in supporting the Aquanaut diving scenarios. The NURC team provided the excellent professional support that has become expected from this experienced crew. Thanks to all and job well done!

SpaceRef staff editor.