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NASA MODIS Image of the Day: May 16, 2007 – Algeria

By SpaceRef Editor
May 19, 2007
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NASA MODIS Image of the Day: May 16, 2007 – Algeria


A clear day over Algeria gave the MODIS on the Terra satellite a nice view on May 12, 2007. Algeria, shown in the center of the image, is bordered (clockwise) by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest, and Morocco as well as a few kilometers of the Western Sahara, in the west.

The coast of Algeria varies a great deal from the inland region. The coast is hilly, almost mountainous. The area just south of the coast, called the Tell, is fertile, and contains most of Algeria’s cities and population. Still further south is the Sahara desert, which covers most of the country. The Ahaggar Mountains are visible towards the lower right hand side of Algeria, as darker brown patches that contrast with the reddish sand.

The few red dots up near the coast are the locations of active fires.

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