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NASA MOD Internal Memo – Subject: Message to our partners

By SpaceRef Editor
March 19, 2005
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NASA MOD Internal Memo – Subject: Message to our partners

Subject: FW: Message to our partners…

Please distribute to all MOD employees…

As many of you are aware, over the course of the last several months we have taken steps to refresh the symbols or our operations culture. Specifically, both ISS and Space Shuttle are now represented on our MOD emblem, and we have recently completed an important amendment to the “Foundations of Mission Operations”, adding ‘Vigilance’ to our set of core values we embrace both as individuals and as a team.

In hand with rolling out these improvements, we have drafted separate but similar memos to our CB and program partners that communicates what we have done and what it means not only to us but to them as well.

We would like the as much of the MOD family to be signatories to this as we can manage, with the goal of formally transmitting these notes by the end of March.

Here are both the CB and SSP/ISS versions of the memo (see attached).

There are signature sheets appended to the end. The first signature sheet is for the MOD management team. We will circulate a single signature sheet at an upcoming DA staff meeting.

In discussing this with Allen and Milt, we agreed that this would be most effective if we have each individual in MOD had the opportunity to sign.  This is elective, but our sincere hope is that each of you will participate in helping us with this effort. A single signature page is provided for each division or office, we suggest the secretarial team make copies of these ‘templates’ for gathering signatures.

There are also separate signature sheets for each division/office. We would request that each division duplicate and distribute these among their people and then collect them delivery to the Directorate Office on Monday, March 28.

Please contact me if you have questions.

Thanks to all…


NASA Johnson Space Center


Memo to Astronaut Corps – Subject: Vigilance

Memo to Space Shuttle and ISS Programs – Subject: Vigilance

Foundations of Mission Operations

SpaceRef staff editor.