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NASA MESSENGER Data Release 12

By SpaceRef Editor
September 8, 2014
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NASA MESSENGER Data Release 12

The Planetary Data System is pleased to announce Release 12 of data collected by the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) mission, including raw and calibrated products acquired through 17 March 2014. With this release, data are now available to the public for the sixth full Mercury solar day of MESSENGER orbital operations.

MESSENGER’s instruments are the Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS), with wide-angle and narrow-angle cameras for imaging Mercury’s surface; a Gamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer (GRNS) and an X-Ray Spectrometer (XRS) for remote geochemical mapping; a Magnetometer (MAG) to measure the planetary magnetic field; a Mercury Laser Altimeter (MLA) to measure surface topography and planetary shape; the Mercury Atmospheric and Surface Composition Spectrometer (MASCS), combining an Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrometer (UVVS) with a Visible and Infrared Spectrograph (VIRS) to make high-resolution spectral measurements of the surface and to survey the structure and composition of Mercury’s tenuous neutral exosphere; and an Energetic Particle and Plasma Spectrometer (EPPS) to characterize the charged particle and plasma environment of Mercury.

Data sets in this release:

Data archived in the PDS:

ACT-REACT QuickMap interactive Web interface:

MDIS mosaics:

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