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NASA Mars Rover MER-B “Opportunity” Launch Postponed

By SpaceRef Editor
June 21, 2003
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NASA Mars Rover MER-B “Opportunity” Launch Postponed

The Flight Readiness Review was held today for the MER-B launch of the
“Opportunity” Mars Exploration Rover. Afterward, a decision was made to
postpone the launch by at least a couple of days.

Based on routine post-test inspections, the launch team has elected to
remove and replace a band of protective cork insulation on the Delta first
stage. The location is below the forward attach points of the strap-on
solid rocket boosters. Inspections of a second band located higher on the
first stage are being performed.

The time necessary to do this work means a rescheduling of the launch to no
earlier than Saturday, June 28 at 11:56:16 p.m. EDT. A firm date will be
established on Monday after the engineering team reconvenes.

SpaceRef staff editor.