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NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE Imagery Release 27 December 2006

By SpaceRef Editor
December 27, 2006
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Primary Science Phase (PSP) images were acquired by the High Resolution
Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) instrument beginning November 7, 2006 on
orbit number 1,330 of the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO).

Title Observation ID Release Date
Northern Plains PSP_001389_2500 2006-Dec-27
Layering in North Polar Layered Deposits PSP_001390_2660 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001392_2490 2006-Dec-27
Deposits in Electris Region PSP_001394_1425 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001395_2485 2006-Dec-27
Exposure of Polar Layered Deposits PSP_001398_2615 2006-Dec-27
Buttes in Arabia Region PSP_001401_1850 2006-Dec-27
Walls of Noctus Labyrinthus PSP_001404_1720 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001404_2490 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001413_2495 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001415_2470 2006-Dec-27
North Polar Residual Cap PSP_001416_2665 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001417_2510 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001418_2495 2006-Dec-27
Exposure of Polar Layered Deposits PSP_001420_2680 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001421_2470 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001422_2465 2006-Dec-27
Lobate Apron in Deuteronilus Mensae PSP_001426_2200 2006-Dec-27
North Sinus Meridiani Landforms PSP_001427_1820 2006-Dec-27
Eroding Material over Flows in Echus Chasma PSP_001430_1815 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001430_2470 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001431_2460 2006-Dec-27
Layers in Olympus Mons Basal Scarp PSP_001432_2015 2006-Dec-27
Polygonal Ground with Seasonally Dark Edges PSP_001434_2575 2006-Dec-27
Plains West of Viking Lander 2 PSP_001435_2280 2006-Dec-27
Juncture of Valleys with Lineated Fill PSP_001438_2160 2006-Dec-27
Northeast Sinus Meridiani Landforms PSP_001440_1820 2006-Dec-27
Sharp Scarp and Varied Features PSP_001440_2175 2006-Dec-27
Layers in Melas Chasma PSP_001443_1695 2006-Dec-27
Ascraeus Mons caldera wall PSP_001444_1915 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001445_2510 2006-Dec-27
Layers with Boulders in Aeolis Region PSP_001448_1735 2006-Dec-27
Crater Ejecta Morphology PSP_001448_2135 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001448_2470 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001451_2505 2006-Dec-27
Layered Terrain near Mawrth Valles PSP_001454_2030 2006-Dec-27
Floor of Noctus Labyrnthus PSP_001457_1725 2006-Dec-27
Deposits in Electris Region PSP_001460_1425 2006-Dec-27
Cratered Cones near Hephaestus Fossae PSP_001462_2015 2006-Dec-27
Fresh Crater in North Polar Layered Deposit PSP_001462_2630 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001464_2460 2006-Dec-27
Northern Plains PSP_001467_2490 2006-Dec-27

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