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NASA LRO Image: Lunokhod 1 Rover Parked On The Lunar Surface

By SpaceRef Editor
March 29, 2012
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Lunokhod 1 rover in its final parking place (38.315*N, 324.992*E) on the surface of Mare Imbrium. The inset in the lower left shows an expanded view of the rover. LROC NAC image M175502049RE. [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Luna 17, the lander that carried the Lunokhod 1 to the surface; debarking ramps for the rover are visible extending down to the surface to the right. Many rover tracks are visible around the lander. LROC NAC image M175502049RE [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Luna 17, carrying Lunokhod 1, landed on the flood basalt surface of Mare Imbrium on 17 November 1970, after entering orbit on 15 November. Today’s Featured Image of Luna 17 and Lunokhod 1 was obtained during a low altitude (33 km) pass providing the highest resolution view yet of the landing site. More information and imagery.

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