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NASA Letter from SARA: China FAQ and New Volunteer Reviewer Form

By SpaceRef Editor
July 15, 2012
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Dear Colleagues,

If you collaborate with anyone in China you should read our new FAQ. Our appropriation (Public Law 112-55, SEC. 539) contained a brief statement, the bottom line if which is that NASA funds, including ROSES research grants, cannot be used “…to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China…”

We expand somewhat on what this actually means in practical terms for ROSES grantees in our new FAQ that can be found as a link off our normal ROSES FAQ: or you can get to it directly by going to

Another new addition to the SARA web page is our new volunteer reviewer web form: we are currently seeking reviewers for Laboratory Analysis of Returned Samples, Exobiology, and Moon and Mars Analog Missions Activities. You can find this form at:

As always, selection statistics can be found on the grant stats page at: community announcements on the solicitations page at: and all clarifications, corrections and amendments to ROSES-12 can be followed conveniently on our ROSES 2012 RSS feed at: /roses-2012/

Max Bernstein
Lead for Research Science Mission Directorate

SpaceRef staff editor.