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NASA Lessons Learned: Space Shuttle & International Space Station/Inadequate Budget Levels 10-03-2003

By SpaceRef Editor
October 3, 2003
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Lesson Info

  • Lesson Number: 1231
  • Lesson Date: 17-jun-2002
  • Submitting Organization: HQ
  • Submitted by: David Lengyel


Space Shuttle & International Space Station/Inadequate Budget Levels

Description of Driving Event:

Space Shuttle & International Space Station/Inadequate Budget Levels

Lesson(s) Learned:

The current and proposed budgets are not sufficient to improve or even maintain the safety risk level of operating the Space Shuttle and ISS. Needed restorations and improvements cannot be accomplished under current budgets and spending priorities.


Make a comprehensive appraisal of the budget and spending needs for the Space Shuttle and ISS based on, at a minimum, retaining the current level of safety risk. This analysis should include a realistic assessment of WORKFORCE, flight systems, logistics and infrastructure to safety support the Space Shuttle for the entire life of the ISS.

Evidence of Recurrence Control Effectiveness:

Both Shuttle and ISS Program Operating Plans (POP) identify the total resource requirements necessary to retain and improve safety risk. The development of these plans involves assessments from all organizations and receives the highest level of NASA management review. NASA management maintains a safety first decision process and will continue to be vigilant in developing as much operating margin as possible. The Office of Space Flight has recently initiated an assessment to address space Shuttle fleet capability to fly safely until 2020. This assessment includes an analysis of WORKFORCE critical skills, flight systems upgrades, logistics and supportability, and any infrastructure upgrades requirements necessary to meet this goal. Any comprehensive assessment to support ISS beyond 2020 would occur in the future.

Applicable NASA Enterprise(s):


Applicable Crosscutting Process(es):

  • Manage Strategically
  • Provide Aerospace Products & Capabilities: Implementation

Additional Key Phrase(s):

  • Administration/Organization
  • Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management/Assessment
  • Safety & Mission Assurance

Approval Info:

  • Approval Date: 27-jun-2002
  • Approval Name: Bill Loewy
  • Approval Organization: HQ
  • Approval Phone Number: 202-358-0528

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