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NASA Lessons Learned: ISS Damage Control/FIRE and Depressurization Hazards

By SpaceRef Editor
October 3, 2003
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PLLS Database Entry: 1246

Lesson Info

  • * Lesson Number: 1246
  • * Lesson Date: 17-jun-2002
  • * Submitting Organization: HQ
  • * Submitted by: David Lengyel


International SPACE STATION/Damage Control/FIRE and Depressurization Hazards

Description of Driving Event:

Improvements needed to locate fires and leaks, as well as improvements needed in procedures and tools to control these hazards.

Lesson(s) Learned:

While the basic framework for system engineering of damage detection, assessment, and control has been established, work remains to be accomplished to reduce vulnerability to the hazards of FIRE and pressure leaks.


Examine procedures, tools and instrumentation to locate fires and penetrations more rapidly, especially those occurring behind equipment racks. Improve the ability of the crew to communicate with each other while dealing with emergencies. Create, qualify, and stock kits for rapid short- and long-term repair of penetrations. Develop a procedure to be used in the event of combined depressurization and FIRE.

Evidence of Recurrence Control Effectiveness:

A prototype, hand held, Ultra Sonic leak detector has been deployed to ISS for evaluation. This detector allows more rapid identification of leaks in pressurized elements. It has been utilized on-orbit to locate minor leaks in components.

A wireless intercom headset has been proposed. Implementation of this capability will be evaluated as part of the Pre-Planned Program Improvement (P3I) Process.

The three-phased development plan of joint U.S. and Russian Leak Detection and Repair Team includes both short-term and long-term repair of penetrations.

NASA will evaluate the adequacy of current FIRE and depressurization procedures to handle a combined FIRE and depressurization event.

Applicable NASA Enterprise(s):

  • * Human Exploration & Development of SPACE

Applicable Crosscutting Process(es):

  • * Manage Strategically
  • * Provide AeroSPACE Products & Capabilities: Implementation

Additional Key Phrase(s):

  • * AeroSPACE Safety Advisory Panel
  • * Emergency Preparedness
  • * FIRE Protection
  • * Human Factors
  • * Personal Protective Equipment
  • * Risk Management/Assessment
  • * Safety & Mission Assurance
  • * Spacecraft

Approval Info:

  • * Approval Date: 27-jun-2002
  • * Approval Name: Bill Loewy
  • * Approval Organization: HQ
  • * Approval Phone Number: 202-358-0528

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