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NASA Lessons Learned: International Space Station (ISS)/Space Shuttle/Workforce/Experience Level

By SpaceRef Editor
October 1, 2003
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Lesson Info

  • Lesson Number: 1170
  • Lesson Date: 01-feb-2001
  • Submitting Organization: HQ
  • Submitted by: David M. Lengyel


International Space Station (ISS)/Space Shuttle/Workforce/Experience Level

Description of Driving Event:

Critical Skills Challenge Remains for Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) Even with Active Recruiting and New Hires

Lesson(s) Learned:

The critical skills challenge faced by NASA and its contractors in the Space Shuttle and ISS programs continues despite resumption of active recruiting of experienced and new employees.


Provide more effective incentives to retain employees with critical skills in such areas as Information Technology and Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Continue active recruiting of experienced and “fresh-out” employees, using appropriate incentives when necessary.

Evidence of Recurrence Control Effectiveness:

Code M – Concur: Both NASA and its contractor management teams have recognized the challenges of competing for critical skills in today’s work environment, and have begun focused development of organizational assessment programs with emphasis on skills maintenance. These programs are targeted to include multiple tools and approaches (such as pay incentives, cross training, mentoring, formal career development planning, etc) to maintain the appropriate balance of experienced skills as well as a continuous revitalization through the steady introduction of recent graduates. NASA has established fresh out goals at OSF Centers, used recruitment or relocation (signing) bonuses when necessary to attract quality hires at all levels, and authorized the payment of more competitive salaries in critical skill areas.

Applicable NASA Enterprise(s):

  • Aeronautics & Space Transportation Technology
  • Human Exploration & Development of Space

Applicable Crosscutting Process(es):

  • Communicate Knowledge
  • Generate Knowledge
  • Manage Strategically

Additional Key Phrases:

  • Administration/Organization
  • Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
  • External Relations
  • Human Resources & Education
  • Policy & Planning

Approval Info:

  • Approval Date: 18-mar-2002
  • Approval Name: Bill Loewy
  • Approval Organization: HQ
  • Approval Phone Number: 202-358-0528

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