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NASA Launch Services Request for Proposal – Open Season 08-06-2002

By SpaceRef Editor
August 6, 2002
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General Information

Document Type: Presolicitation Notice
Solicitation Number: RFP10-00-0021A
Posted Date: Jul 31, 2002
Original Response Date: Aug 31, 2002
Current Response Date: Aug 31, 2002
Original Archive Date: Jul 31, 2003
Current Archive Date: Jul 31, 2003
Classification Code: V — Transportation, travel, & relocation services

Contracting Office Address

NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center, Procurement, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) invites you to submit a proposal for the NASA Launch Services (NLS) contract. The original NASA Launch Services (NLS) RFP was issued on October 18,1999, resulting in the award of Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task order contracts to Boeing Delta Launch Services, Inc. and Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services, Inc. The original solicitation remains open for a period of ten years from the effective release date through the use of an innovative on-ramp provision found in Section C, clause 2.0. On a semi-annual basis, NASA invites new, emerging domestic launch service providers that meet the minimum contract requirements to submit proposals during an open season. The open season for proposal submission is the entire month of February and August of each calendar year. An electronic version of the Executive Summary, which provides an overview of the requirements contained in the subject solicitation, along with the entire NLS solicitation (to be updated as Revision A), can be found at the NASA KSC homepage under Business Opportunities. The initial mission set, consisting of three firm missions and five option missions, was awarded to Boeing Delta Launch Services, Inc. in the initial round. The initial mission set, along with the solicitation requirement to propose on at least one firm or option mission, is hereby waived and will be removed in the updated Revision A to the NLS RFP. The Executive Summary also conveys NASA’s intent to utilize commercial provider’s capabilities and processes to the maximum extent possible.

Proposals should be mailed or handcarried to: NASA, John F. Kennedy Space Center Mail Stop: OP-OSO-ELV, Attn: Jeanne A. Burkhart, Operations and Checkout (O&C) Building, M7-355 (Room No. 2015) Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899. MARK: RFP 10-99-0021; Revision A TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSEE ONLY This acquisition is restricted to domestic sources. Minimum contract requirements are set forth in Attachment E3, Paragraph 1.0 of the NLS RFP. An official of the company who is authorized to bind the company must sign your proposal. Your proposal must also contain a statement that the offer is firm for a period of 180 days from your submittal date. You must provide the company name and complete address (including street, city, state, and zip code) and the Data Universal Numbering System number applicable to that name and address.

The RFP does not commit the Government to award a contract nor does it obligate the Government to pay for any cost incurred in the preparation and submittal of proposals or in anticipation of a contract. The Government reserves the right to reject any and all proposals should such action be in the interest of the Government.

The Attachments to the NLS RFP are an integral part hereof. If you fail to obtain or locate any part of the RFP, promptly notify either Jeanne A. Burkhart at (321) 867-3475 or Thomas D. Tokmenko at (321) 867-8249. NLS acquisition information can be obtained via the Internet at the following address: Offerors are hereby notified that funds are not presently available for this effort. The Government’s obligation is contingent upon the availability of appropriated funds from which payment for contract purposes can be made. It is anticipated that funds will be available at the time of contract award. Written questions regarding this RFP may be submitted in accordance with Attachment E2, paragraph 18.0. To permit a formal Government response, any comments or questions should not be marked as confidential or proprietary business information, competition sensitive, etc. Written questions may be faxed to (321) 867-4848.

Original Point of Contact

Jeanne A. Burkhart, Contracting Officer, Phone (321) 867-3475, Fax (321) 867-4848, Email – Thomas D. Tokmenko, Contracting Officer, Phone (321) 867-8249, Fax (321) 867-4848, Email

Email your questions to Jeanne A. Burkhart at

Current Point of Contact

Jeanne A. Burkhart, Contracting Officer, Phone (321) 867-3475, Fax (321) 867-4848, Email – Thomas D. Tokmenko, Contracting Officer, Phone (321) 867-8249, Fax (321) 867-4848, Email

Email your questions to Jeanne A. Burkhart at

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