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NASA LaRC Memo: Informational Notice of Reduction in Force (RIF) – LaRC Machine Shop

By SpaceRef Editor
February 4, 2005
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Editor’s note: sent to all GS 802 and GS 856 at NASA LaRC

National Aeronautics and

Space Administration

Langley Research Center

100 NASA Road

Hampton, VA 23681-2199

January 31, 2005

Reply to Attn of: 174


FROM: 120/Director, Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM)

SUBJECT: Informational Notice of Reduction in Force (RIF)

On behalf of the Center Director, I am providing you with an informational notice of a Center-wide RIF Affecting GS-13 positions and below. While the outcome of this RIF is not known at this time, this notice is intended to alert you of possible impact. The RIF will be conducted pursuant to the regulations of 5 C.F.R. Part 351 . RIF Procedures are necessary to implement the competitive sourcing decision that resulted in the Government’s Most Efficient Organization (MEO) being selected to perform the Metallic Test Articles and General and Precision Machining function. Selection of the MEO reduces future workload and supervision requirements for that function. The resulting organizational changes, decrease in workload, and reduction in staff are the drivers for the RIF. Though your position may not be within the function directly impacted by the competitive sourcing decision, RIF procedures require notice to individuals in the grade levels evaluated in the process of staffing the MEO. These circumstances in no way reflect your current or past job performance or contributions to Langley Research Center.

The planned effective date of the RIF is July 2, 2005. This is the anticipated date when actual personnel actions will be effected. At least 60 days prior to the effective date, the OHCM will issue specific RIF notices to impacted employees identifying the personnel action that will be taken and describing the benefits and entitlements associated with that action. Such actions could include reassignment, change to a lower grade or separation from the Federal service. To help you better understand these processes, a RIF Handbook will be available in OHCM and will also be posted on the OHCM website.

AN important part of the RIF process is your personal data. The attached RIF data sheet is based upon the documentation contained in your Official Personnel Folder (OPF) and Employee Performance File (EPF). This information will be used in determining your retention standing and has an impact on your placement rights in a RIF. You are encouraged to review and verify that the attached record is accurate and current. This includes all employment (Federal and Civilian), military service, veterans’ preference and performance appraisals. Our staff will work with you to resolve and inconsistencies in your records.

If you are concerned that you may have work experience, education or training information that is not reflected in your OPF, we encourage you to submit a current resume reflecting your total background and experience. Documentation will be required to substantiate changes in education level, veterans’ preference, and/or creditable service. Sample resumes in the required format are found at . Ultimately, it is your responsibility to identify and provide any missing documentation relating to RIF retention standing, placement rights and entitlements.

In order to ensure full entitlement and placement consideration, all requested changes to your RIF Data sheet with supporting documentation must be received no later than March 2, 2005. In addition, resumes updating your experience or education with supporting documentation must also be received by March 2, 2005. Please submit this information to Karen Thomas-Richards or Marilyn Outlaw, OHCM, Mail Stop 174.

This notice also establishes your eligibility for the Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) as outlined in the NASA CTAP. CTAP provides selection priority for NASA vacancies in the local commuting area and career transition assistance to impacted employees. To obtain additional information about the priority selection process and other career transition assistance services available, contact Lynda Holder, OHCM, at 44067.

We would also like to remind you that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available free to you and your immediate family. EAP counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at and at 1-9800-950-3434.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Karen Thomas-Richards at 41550 or Marilyn Outlaw at 42568. If you have questions about specific data included in the attached data sheet, please contact Mary Erwin at 42561.


Leah M. Meisel


SpaceRef staff editor.