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NASA LaRC Internal Poll

By SpaceRef Editor
December 6, 2009
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NASA LaRC Internal Poll

Reader note: Here is the recent survey put out by NASA Langley Management to LaRC employees in th past couple of weeks. People I have talked with at LaRC find this poll anything from humorous to silly to wondering how it is related to LaRC and the technical work that is supposedly at its core mission. Apparently message boards at LaRC are also abuzz with comments. The layout has been altered to protect the source and due to format limitations to send by e-mail. Draw your own conclusions and post whatever portion you wish. By the end I hope you feel attractive and lovable. (question 21)

Here is the poll:

The Kenexa Cultural Indicator(tm) (KCI(tm)) instrument is designed to help organizations gain a better understanding of their internal culture and character. The instrument includes questions about NASA Langley Research Center’s values, strengths, and operating style. These questions will help define what type of organization the center is by measuring the presence of twelve “storylines” within the organization.

Each of these storylines represents a different way an organization may think or act in the world. Knowing how different storylines shape organizational values and behavior makes it much easier to understand what’s important to those who work for or with it, what motivates and inspires them, and how an organization can tell its story more effectively to people outside the organization. Each storyline is different, but none is better or more valuable than another. So, there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Because each organization’s type is determined through the combined responses of the people who know it well, your responses will be scored with those of others to create an aggregate or total group assessment.


Read all instructions before proceeding. Work as quickly as is comfortable; your first reaction is often the best indicator. Using the following scale, please indicate how much of the time each item is descriptive of the NASA Langley Research Center. There are no right or wrong answers.

* Almost Never descriptive of this organization
* Rarely descriptive of this organization
* Sometimes descriptive of this organization
* Normally descriptive of this organization
* Almost Always descriptive of this organization

Use the entire range of responses for the most definitive results. Try to decide whether the organization shows a little more or a little less of the qualities described in the item, rather than relying on the sometimes option. You are required to answer all questions. If you are unsure of an answer, make your best determination and go on to the next question.

Answer the questions based on your experience for the expanded present (consider the last year or so, not the organization’s entire existence or only today).

Answer the questions based on your observations and feedback from others about how this organization actually operates, rather than on the way you or others would like the organization to be.
Please note that the “Print Results” functionality at the end of the survey is limited when using a Mac, but that the results of the survey will still be submitted properly.

Choices for each question:

Almost Never
Almost Always

1. Provides clear guidelines to employees
2. Values a can-do spirit
3. Has the feel of a small family business or a “mom and pop” store
4. Rewards pioneers
5. Rewards people who follow the rules
6. Has highly functioning creative teams
7. Has an atmosphere of playfulness
8. Develops flexible structures to respond to changing needs
9. Fosters continuous learning
10. Aspires to create magical moments
11. Associates itself with images of kindness and concern
12. Values loyalty
13. Encourages people to make a difference
14. Could have the motto “power to the people”
15. Has fair employment policies
16. Believes in the dignity of the common man or woman
17. Helps people feel unique
18. Achieves breakthroughs by challenging conventional thinking about how things have to be done
19. Has systems in place to monitor quality standards
20. Invests in designing things beautifully
21. Wants to help people feel attractive and lovable
22. Is good at eliminating projects that are not working
23. Supports employee autonomy
24. Rewards people who have emotional intelligence
25. Fosters a real sense of caring among employees
26. Associates itself with images of goodness, innocence, or renewal
27. Values creative endeavors
28. Prides itself on having the power to keep people safe
29. Maximizes the synergy of coordinated efforts
30. Cares for the caregivers
31. Is so respected, people who work there gain status by association
32. Is good at getting things done
33. Has an adventurous spirit
34. Believes in finding win/win solutions
35. Encourages employees to find enjoyment in their work
36. Has a personnel system that protects employees
37. Has systems in place to be sure it does no harm
38. Provides for peer evaluation of personnel and projects
39. Has systems in place to foster consensus building
40. Offers an atmosphere of trust and loyalty
41. Encourages people to find their own unique paths
42. Develops consensus around a compelling vision
43. Ensures that key players sign off on initiatives before they are launched
44. Provides a warm, nurturing environment
45. Emphasizes the importance of being trustworthy
46. Prides itself on being fair to everyone
47. Believes the truth will set you free
48. Sees employees or customers as friends
49. Rewards the creation of imaginative products
50. Has clear lines of authority
51. Is sympathetic with employees when they have troubles
52. Wants to help people enjoy their lives
53. Has an unconventional image
54. Is willing to take great risks
55. Prides itself on defeating the competition
56. Encourages self-organizing teams
57. Excels at brainstorming
58. Rewards ingenuity
59. Recognizes the restorative value of recreation
60. Creates clear goals and outcomes
61. Believes worker satisfaction comes from being of service
62. Rewards employees who are solid and unpretentious
63. Rewards caring employees
64. Believes in banding together to survive tough times
65. Makes a practice of encouraging employees to speak their minds
66. Invests in building community within the organization
67. Provides an outlet for people’s wilder sides
68. Rewards self-awareness
69. Allows employees the freedom to be imaginative
70. Values independence
71. Rewards people who have radically new ideas
72. Makes work fun
73. Values knowledge
74. Values experimentation
75. Sees itself as setting the tone for how things should be done
76. Likes to set the standards others will follow
77. Rewards people who are consistently productive
78. Utilizes strategic planning to focus efforts
79. Values power and prestige
80. Values consensual decision making
81. Offers employees long-term security
82. Treats each employee as special
83. Has well-designed customer service systems
84. Emphasizes the need for ongoing learning
85. Prides itself on being revolutionary
86. Rewards expertise
87. Prides itself on making miracles happen
88. Operates like a winning team
89. Creates outstanding new products
90. Encourages self-expression
91. Invests in research and development
92. Believes in the importance of good taste
93. Rewards employees who try
94. Encourages staff to get out and meet new people
95. Believes in nurturing and supporting people
96. Has clear policies and procedures

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