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NASA LaRC Internal Memo: Next Steps: PD-Up Project

By SpaceRef Editor
August 17, 2005
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Subject: Next Steps: PD-Up Project

The deadline for submitting information associated with the Center Position Description Review/Update Project (“PD-Up”) was Monday, August 15. To date, we have received organizational unit plans, position description review templates, and employee personnel report data templates from most organizations as well as numerous employee resumes. We appreciate all of the work that both managers and employees have done to meet this deadline.

Over the next few weeks, the Office of Human Capital Management staff will be categorizing and prioritizing all of the information we received. Documents will be divided by organization and prioritized according to the complexity of the issues presented. For example, an organization’s Category I documents would be those position

descriptions that have little or no changes and do not require additional follow up with the manager in order to implement. Category II documents would be those position descriptions and organizational unit plans that require more information from the manager in order to implement or those position descriptions that are awaiting a final determination about the need for a desk audit. Category III documents are those requiring the most time to implement such as reorganizations, desk audits, or significant changes to a position description.

Once these categorizations have been made, our human resources specialists will work with each Organization Unit Manager (OUM) to establish schedules for completing the organizational and position description changes noted during the review process. If a manager has specific priorities that need to be addressed first, we will incorporate those preferences into the schedule.

Our office cannot provide employees with a specific date when this activity will be completed. We encourage managers to communicate with their employees as to the status of actions in their organization. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue this important task.

Leah M. Meisel Director, Office of Human Capital Management

SpaceRef staff editor.