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NASA LaRC Internal Memo: Center-wide Action: Administrator Griffin’s 90-Day Report Input Needed Each Month

By SpaceRef Editor
July 8, 2005
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From the Office of the Director

CENTER-WIDE ACTION: Administrator Griffin’s 90-Day Report Input Needed Each Month

A 90-Day Report, requested by the Administrator, was compiled for the first time June 15, 2005.

The report will be updated monthly and will include noteworthy Agency, Center, and program milestones, events and activities, press conferences and interviews, upcoming reports, deadlines and legislative activities, and key decision dates. (A special emphasis should be placed on information that would be needed by or of interest to the Administrator and the Deputy Administrator.)

The entry process for you to input your data has been automated (very similar to the “key activity” web process).

The report is due to Headquarters each month on a different calendar day so please reference the Center “LaRC Look Ahead” Calendar for due dates.

(Log-in is NOT required for the calendar site)

You will also receive email reminders each month.

How is this different from the Key Activities (KA)?

The KAs PAST events/activities (ones that have already taken place) and the target audience is our Director, the Strategic Leadership Council (SLC), and LaRC employees.

The 90-Day Report input includes FUTURE events/milestones occurring within 90 days after the report is submitted each month and the target audience is the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and Agency Center Directors.

You will receive an email request in the next few days with further instructions that will be specific to your organization.

Please take time each month to submit information so we can show the Administrator and the Agency how Langley continues to contribute!

SpaceRef staff editor.