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NASA Langley Solicitation: Solid Rocket Test Motor (SRTM) V-I1 Test Opportunity

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December 16, 2013
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Synopsis – Dec 16, 2013

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General Information

    Solicitation Number: RFI-MOTOR-2013

    Posted Date: Dec 16, 2013

    FedBizOpps Posted Date: Dec 16, 2013

    Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: No

    Original Response Date: Jan 16, 2014

    Current Response Date: Jan 13, 2014

    Classification Code: A — Research and Development

    NAICS Code: 541712

    Set-Aside Code: 

Contracting Office Address

NASA/Langley Research Center, Mail Stop 12, Industry Assistance Office, Hampton, VA 23681-0001



The Solid Rocket Test Motor (SRTM) V-I1 will be tested on February 26, 2014 using the United Stated (US) Army Redstone Test Center (RTC) test stand in an attempt to concentrate slag build up in the aft dome test section. This effort is conducted as a risk reduction activity involving a subscale solid rocket test motor to address specific, identified weakness in the fundamental understanding of SLS Program Block I Five-Segment Reusable Solid Rocket Motor (VRSRM) Polybenzimidazole Acrylonitrile Butadiene (PBI) material performance when exposed to pooling liquid alumina in contact with PBI insulation. It has been proven to accommodate multiple test objectives and technical disciplines.

The test motor article is a 24-inch diameter, 218-inch long solid rocket motor oriented in the vertical/nozzle down configuration. The burn duration will be approximately 20 seconds and reach an internal pressure in excess of 600 psi, and has traditionally been fired horizontally; however, NASA is currently planning to test the article using a different orientation that is similar to a flight motor. Orientation is important as it may impact placement of cameras, microphones, and any other types of instrument panels around the article.

Information Sought

The purpose of this RFI is to inform the technical community of an opportunity to gain knowledge from the testing of the SRTMV-I1 motor in support of related inspection techniques, measurement methods, and analytical tools. This opportunity is intended to address the identified need to support new technologies in their advancement to higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). Specifically this opportunity is targeted for the TRL range from 3 to 6. It is expected that vendors will not disrupt the test objectives of NASA, but NASA will allow vendors an opportunity to set up their equipment to gather data around the SRTMV-11 motor. NASA will attempt to accommodate as many requests as practical, but it is expected the selectee number will not exceed five. When responding, please include the following information:

* Organization information: Organization name and address, type of organization, point of contact (POC), email address, and phone number.

* Proposals should not include proprietary, organizational confidential, or trade secret information. Offerors proposals must include a statement that their response does not include proprietary, organizational confidential, or trade secret information.

* A short summary-level description of the proposed effort including how this test opportunity supports your organizational development. This will help NASA assess the markets ability to perform this type of effort. It should include the type of inspections or measurements, the equipment to be used, and any special needs the government would be required to provide so you can make your observations.

Selection Criteria:

o Technology maturity level,

o value to known and anticipated NASA needs (these are defined as non-contact instrumentation techniques measuring temperature, pressure, strain, or similar phenomena),

o available test article viewing area,

o setup/disassembly times and special needs, if any.

Requirements to Participate in Test if Selected:

o Attached is a sample non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement (SAA) that successful offerors will be required to execute in order to participate in this opportunity.

o The Space Act Agreement requires each offeror to share the Data obtained from their observations of the test with their equipment. This Data may be marked as proprietary if appropriate but will be utilized for Government purposes in assessing the value of the offeror’s technology for Government needs. All information provided by each offeror will be distributed as knowledge transfer to the appropriate NASA Technical Fellows as background information on provider competences and demonstrated capabilities when addressing current and future NASA needs.

NOTE: The proposed SAA requires final approval from NASA Headquarters. In the unlikely event approval is not received, NASA will cancel the opportunity to participate in this test.

Responses should be submitted via email by January 13, 2014 at 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time to the LaRC Procurement POC at the email address listed below. The subject line of the submission should be “RFI for SRTMV-I1 Test”.

The files submitted should not be greater than 10 MB in size. Please note that RFI responses must not exceed 5 pages in length. Use single-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font. The following file naming convention should be used: SRTMV_RFI_firstinitial_lastname_2013. Authorized file formats include: Adobe Acrobat versions 6 – 8 (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc).

It is emphasized that this RFI is for planning and information purposes only and is NOT to be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contractual agreement. Likewise, the Government will not pay for information solicited or travel costs to attend testing.

DISCLAIMER: All information NASA receives in response to this RFI will be open to ITAR qualified persons. NASA does not want responses that contain proprietary or company confidential information. The responses should not include any proprietary, organizational confidential, trade secrets

NASA and the US Army will not provide resources for travel, equipment shipment, labor, consumables, or data reduction as part of this test opportunity. Access to Redstone Arsenal will require preapproval, and personnel and equipment restrictions will be enforced.

All questions about the RFI shall be directed by email to the LaRC Procurement POC.

NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Procurement POC: Name: Octavia Hicks Email: Phone: 757-864-8510

NASA Technical POC: Name: Scott Ringel, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Email: Phone: 256-544-4195

Point of Contact

    Name:Octavia L Hicks

    Title:Contract Specialist



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