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NASA Langley Fab Section RIF Process Charts

By SpaceRef Editor
January 27, 2005
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NASA Langley Fab Section RIF Process Charts

Editor’s note: the following e-mail was sent by a NASA LaRC branch head and includes a link to a presentation outlining the RIF process LaRC will be following.


As many of you know, the NASA fab team won the A-76 competition. This means that the civil servants working in the fab section will be entering a competitive/RIF process to gain a job in the new organization. Approximately half of those 37 people will secure a position in the new organization. @LaRC has a link: Human Capital A-76 Transition Plan to a slide presentation that explains how this will happen. One of the steps appears to be the opening of another buyout window. The slides suggest that this may be from 7 Feb to 14 Feb, 2005. I do not know what positions thisĀ  opportunity will apply to.”

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