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NASA KSC Solicitation: Demolition of the Fixed Service Structure and Rotating Service Structure at Launch Complex 39

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May 15, 2008
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NASA KSC Solicitation: Demolition of the Fixed Service Structure and Rotating Service Structure at Launch Complex 39

Synopsis – May 14, 2008

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General Information

Solicitation Number: N/A
Reference Number: RFI-LC39B-2008
Posted Date: May 14, 2008
FedBizOpps Posted Date: May 14, 2008
Original Response Date: Jun 20, 2008
Current Response Date: Jun 20, 2008
Classification Code: Y — Construction of structures and facilities
NAICS Code: 238910 – Site Preparation Contractors

Contracting Office Address

NASA/John F. Kennedy Space Center, Procurement, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899



This is a Request for Information (RFI) only. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is seeking ideas, opinions, and concepts from industry, academia, and other prospective parties to identify potential methods for the demolition, removal and salvage of the Fixed Service Structure (FSS) and Rotating Service Structure (RSS) at Launch Complex 39B.

This is not a notice of solicitation and does NOT constitute a Request for Proposal, Invitation for Bid, or Request for Quotation; therefore, do not request a copy of the solicitation. This RFI is for internal NASA planning purposes only and seeks to provide interested parties an opportunity to assist NASA in planning. This notice is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract, nor will the Government pay for the information submitted in response to this request.

NASA intends to use the information provided in response to this RFI to determine, in its sole discretion, the potential methods available for demolition of the structures.

NASA will review all comments/suggestions received, but shall be under no obligation to respond to industry comments or to incorporate any comments/suggestions into any resultant drawings and specifications. NASA reserves the right to enter into discussions with one or more parties responding to this RFI if deemed to be in the best interest of the Government.


The purpose of this RFI is to gather planning information on prospective methods of demolition, and suggestions for reuse/recycling for removed material. This request is limited to the FSS and RSS at Launch Complex 39B, it does not include the concrete pad surface, surrounding facilities, Launch Complex 39A or any other KSC facilities, but does include appropriate demolition of elevator, stairs, and stairwell unless required to support remaining structure.

Seeking cost estimates, demolition schedule, method of material removal and any government requirements to support (example: rail car available at X location). The RFI should consider the balance of cost and schedule to maximize benefits for the government.

This project includes demolishing the entire RSS structure from the pivot hinge at the southeast corner of the FSS back to the rail trucks but not the rail or Rail Bridge crossing the flame trench. The approximate weight of the RSS is 4500 tons of mostly steel but also contains copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

This includes the FSS from its footprint on the pad surface upward and on all sides including everything being supported by the FSS structure but extending outside the footprint above the pad surface. This does not include the walkway extending north beyond the north face of the FSS walkway which extends to the concrete structure located just north of the FSS footprint (9099 interface facility). The existing crew escape system cables and slide basket platform on the 195 foot level shall be removed. FSS demolition shall be to the pad surface with cutting and or capping all lines extending through to below the pad surface.

A complete demolition design will be performed and provided to the demolition contractor with specific hazardous material analysis and special safety requirements. The primary restriction to this demolition will be that no explosive methods shall be used in the pad area nor shall any damage be allowed to the pad surface.

Pad surface must be left flat without tripping hazards. All pipes and tubing must be capped or sealed at or below Pad surface. The Pad surface and subsurface must be protected during demolition activities. Pad surface can be assumed to support a 100-ton tire crane and a live load on the Pad Terminal Connection Room (PTCR) roof of 500 psf uniformly distributed. The soil bearing capacity under the Pad surface is assumed to be 2500 psf.

The contractor will be provided a lay-down area adjacent to the demolition site (outside the perimeter fence) to disassemble and temporarily store materials. A high priority in determining the method of demolition is the quick removal of material from site in order to avoid complications or interference with launches. One proposed lay-down site is on the crawler-way to Pad B. The contractor may propose other sites. Proposal for removal of materials may use the rail, barge or vehicular transportation from the site. The Pad is approximately .3 miles from the rail. The distance to the barge is approximately 4.3 miles from Pad B. Depending on proposed timeframe for demolition, the demolition may require stopping and securing for Ares 1 test flight.

All demolition debris shall become property of the contractor, who shall be responsible for removal from KSC or transportation to the KSC landfill. All concrete debris shall be reduced to less than 2 feet in diameter prior to transportation to KSC landfill. Export Control requires that all items must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable prior to removal from KSC. Historic preservation/salvage is not a requirement for this structure.

Failure to respond to this RFI does not exclude any interested party from future consideration for proposals for design/construction/demolition which may be announced or solicited by NASA.


The goal of this RFI is to develop Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) costs, identify viable methods for demolition and disposal, and to determine the capability and capacity of interested parties offering ideas to successfully implement and manage such activities with NASA. Prior contracts at KSC are not required to submit a response to this RFI, however prior experience with large scale demolition projects is essential to providing an accurate assessment and response.


A site visit will be conducted on Friday, May 30, 2008, at 9 a.m. There will be only one site visit offered. Anyone who plans to attend the site visit must give 48 hours written notice to the responsible Contracting Officer (CO), Joseph Bell. ALL SITE VISIT ATTENDEES WILL NEED TO HAVE A TEMPORARY AREA ACCESS (TAA) BADGE WITH NUMBERS FOR LAUNCH COMPLEX (LC) 39B IN ORDER TO HAVE ACCESS TO LC39B DURING THE SITE VISIT. This TAA badge is necessary IN ADDITION, to your access badge. The following information should be emailed to the CO’s attention at Full Name (as it appears on your driver’s license), Social Security Number, Company Name, Company Address (Physical Address and not Mailing Address), and Date of Birth. Please specify whether you need a KSC access badge, TAA badge, or both.

Attendance is limited to three representatives from each interested firm. Attendees MUST BE US CITIZENS. In order to get a temporary badge, you must present a Federal or State Government Issued Picture Identification and one of the documents listed in the Attachment Titled “List of Acceptable Identification for Badging”.

Attendees will pick up badges for access onto KSC at the Pass and Identification Building Section (PIDS) on the NASA Causeway near U.S. 1 and report directly to the HQ Visitor Records Center (VRC), Bldg# M6-0399, Room 1401, to pick up their TAA Badges. After picking up your badges at the PIDS, continue on NASA Causeway to Gate 3. Once you pass through Gate 3, go to the first light and turn right onto C Avenue. Proceed a short distance and turn left onto 2nd Street and make an immediate turn into the parking lot behind the Headquarters Building. Once you have picked up your TAA badge, proceed to the Base Operations Building by turning left out of the parking lot, onto 2nd Street. The Base Operations Building is on the right hand side of the road on 2nd Street just past where B Avenue intersects 2nd Street.

Cameras will be permitted.


This RFI has no overall page limit with all responses received by the requested date of June 20, 2008 to be included for review. All submissions regarding this RFI received after June 20, 2008 may be excluded from review. Responses should be as detailed as necessary to enable NASA to fully understand the proposed demolition method and associated removal and recycling of material. Responses should include the following information as a minimum:

Description of how the proposed concept would be compatible with and supportive of NASA’s mission

Description of costs associated with demolition and removal of material.

In addition to the above information, interested offerors/vendors having the required specialized capabilities to meet the above requirement should submit a capability statement of 10 pages or less indicating the ability to perform all aspects of the effort described herein.


If you have any questions, please send an email to the Contracting Officer listed below.


Prospective bidders are advised that any information provided shall be deemed furnished with unlimited rights to NASA, with NASA assuming no liability for the disclosure, use, or reproduction of such data. It is also emphasized that the requested information is for preliminary planning purposes only and does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that NASA will solicit you for such procurement in the future. Neither NASA nor the Government will be responsible for any costs incurred by you or your company in furnishing this information.



Responses may be submitted either via hard copy to the following addressee, OR electronically to the email address shown for the Procurement Officer listed below.

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Attn: Joseph Bell, Mail Stop OP-CS-A, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 Name: Joseph Bell Title: Procurement Officer Phone: 321-867-1269 Fax: 321-867-1166 Email: Name: Sonia Johnson Title: Technical Point of Contact

Phone: 321-867-0580 Fax: 321-867-7037 Email:


Responses to this RFI should be in accordance with the instructions above. Electronic submission is encouraged. Please provide two (2) copies of any written response if not submitted electronically.

Point of Contact

Name: Joseph M Bell
Title: Contracting Officer
Phone: 321-867-1269
Fax: 321-867-2042

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