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NASA JSC Internal memo: New I-X Launch Date

By SpaceRef Editor
July 17, 2009
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NASA JSC Internal memo: New I-X Launch Date
New I-X Launch Date

From: Ess, Robert H. (JSC-ZA111)
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 04:53 PM Central Standard Time
Subject: New I-X Launch Date

I-X Team,

Today at CxCB, we presented an update to our schedule and a new launch date of 10/31/09 was approved. This is still a very aggressive schedule and requires a lot of tasks to complete on or before their planned dates.

This schedule has a no-margin date of 10/17/09 along with 14 days of Mission Manager margin that I will hold. With the exception of FTRR and other “L-minus” milestones, no other tasks will move to the right just because our launch date did. That is: We will be managing to a 10/17 launch.

The #1 priority for the team is to complete all mandatory work and sufficient DFI testing to begin mating operations with Stack 1 in HB-3. That is scheduled for 7/27/09 and we need to do all possible to meet that date. In parallel we have the large loads analyses tasks that need to be supported and provide information on progress as we continue to mate the vehicle.

As planned, we will have Stack Mate Reviews at the XCB prior to stacking stacks 1-5 in addition to Open Item Reviews at TXRB. This will allow us to discuss open items and the possible risks associated with moving forward. Integrated testing is a big challenge for us and we need to lean forward to allow our team to get into that phase so we can solve those inevitable problems sooner.

We are in the home stretch for HB-4 operations and I need your continued extra effort to get us to a fully assembled vehicle on the dates we have established. A huge amount of accomplishments have occurred within the last couple of weeks and I know will continue for the next couple also.


Robert H. Ess Ares
I-X Mission Manager
(Located @ KSC) Constellation Program Office

321-861-xxxx (desk) 7
57-272-xxxx (cell)

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