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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 25 December 2009

By SpaceRef Editor
December 26, 2009
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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 25 December 2009

All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except those noted previously or below. Crew rest day.

Merry Christmas!

(for more on Christmas cheer, see bottom)

FE-1 Suraev started the day with the regular daily checkup of the aerosol filters at the Elektron O2 generator. [The filters were installed by Suraev on 10/19 in gaps between the BZh Liquid Unit and the oxygen outlet pipe (filter FA-K) plus hydrogen outlet pipe (filter FA-V). Photographs are to be taken if the filter packing is discolored.]

CDR Jeff Williams completed another Reaction Self Test (Psychomotor Vigilance Self Test on the ISS) protocol. [The RST is performed twice daily (after wakeup & before bedtime) for 3 days prior to the sleep shift, the day(s) of the sleep shift and 5 days following a sleep shift. A total of 121 RST runs are assigned to Jeff for the duration of his orbital stay.]

FE-4 Kotov worked in the Soyuz TMA-17/21S, retrieving a bag with StA/Docking Mechanism accessories and a cartridge belt with tools from the spacecraft’s BO/Orbital Compartment and stowed them in a payload container under the center seat in the SA/Descent Module, updating the IMS (Inventory Management System). [In the event of an emergency descent, some items need to be retrieved from the center seat PL container and transferred to the ISS.]

Oleg also completed the routine task of shooting two photos of the docking cone of the passive docking assembly (ASP-B) of the FGB nadir port occupied by the TMA-17, a standard practice after Russian dockings. These images are used to refine current understanding of docking conditions. The FE-4 afterwards downlinked the pictures via OCA assets. [The objective is to take photo imagery of the scratch or scuff marks left by the head of the docking probe on the internal surface of the drogue (docking cone, ASP) ring, now rotated out of the passageway. Before shooting the picture, the cosmonaut highlights the scuffmark with a marker and writes the date next to it. As other crewmembers before him, Oleg used the Nikon D2X digital still camera to take two pictures with the hatch partially closed.]

Later, Kotov performed his first regular weekly maintenance on the TVIS (Treadmill with Vibration Isolation & Stabilization), primarily inspecting the condition of the SLDs (Subject Loading Devices) in contingency configuration, SLD cables for fraying and SPDs (Subject Positioning Devices), lubricating as required, plus recording time & date values.

In the Kibo JPM (JEM Pressurized Module), CDR Williams continued troubleshooting on the SLT1 (System Laptop Terminal 1), starting the 2nd FSCK (File System Check) and later verifying its completion, then rebooting SLT1 for nominal operation. [Jeff also downlinked a photograph of the setup.]

With the Huntsville POIC (Payload Operations & Integration Center) closed down today, Williams checked on the status of MELFI1 (Minus Eighty Laboratory Freezer for ISS 1) and MELFI2, checking temperatures on the laptop displays. [Required temperatures for MELFI-1’s four Dewars: D1 -95, D2 -95, D3 -95, D4 +2. MELFI2: D1 -95, D2 -95, D3 -35, D4 +2.]

In the SM (Service Module), FE-1 Suraev conducted a quick check of the command & data link between the CPC1/KTsP1 Central Post Computer 1 and the Russian RS1laptop, running a test routine and later turning RS1 off again after reporting to TsUP-Moscow.

Maxim also re-tightened the QD (Quick Disconnect) screw clamps of the Progress 35P cargo ship’s attachment at the DC-1 nadir port.

Later, the FE-1 completed the routine daily servicing of the SOZh system (Environment Control & Life Support System, ECLSS) in the SM. [This includes checking the ASU toilet facilities, replacement of the KTO & KBO solid waste containers and replacement of EDV-SV waste water and EDV-U urine containers].

FE-5 & FE-6 had their second regular PMCs (Private Medical Conferences), via S- & Ku-band audio/video, Soichi at ~12:00pm, TJ at ~12:20pm EST.

CDR & FE-6 had their weekly PFCs (Private Family Conferences), via S-band/audio and Ku-band/MS-NetMeeting application (which displays the uplinked ground video on an SSC laptop), Williams at ~1:10pm, Creamer at ~2:50pm.

At ~11:20am, the two Russian Flight Engineers downlinked PAO TV greetings to TsUP-Moscow for
the participants of the 4th S.P. Korolev’s All-Russia Youth Scientific Readings. [The event, which will take place 1/21-23/2010 at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, is devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the successful flight of Sputnik 5 with the dogs Belka and Strelka on board and their return to the Earth, the 50th Anniversary of foundation of the GCTC and the First Cosmonaut Corps. The readings are performed annually with support from the Committee on Education & Science of the State Duma, the Federal Space Agency, the Government of the City of Moscow, the Federation of Cosmonautics of the RF, the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow, a number of leading companies in the sector of geoinformatics. It is anticipated that in the year 2010 more than 300 school children and teachers from 24 regions of Russia will take part in the Readings.]

Williams & Suraev performed their regular 2-hr physical exercise on the TVIS treadmill (FE-1), ARED advanced resistive exerciser (CDR, FE-1) and T2/COLBERT advanced treadmill (CDR).

Later, TJ transferred the exercise data files to the MEC (Medical Equipment Computer) for downlink, including the daily wristband HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) data of the workouts on ARED, followed by their erasure on the HRM storage medium (done six times a week).

WRM Update: A new WRM (Water Recovery Management) “cue card” was uplinked to the crew for their reference, updated with their latest CWC (Collapsible Water Container) water audit. [The new card (22-0003D) lists 86 CWCs (~2,114.6 L total) for the five types of water now identified on board: 1. technical water (19 CWCs with 726.9 L, for Elektron electrolysis, incl. 204.2 L in 7 bags containing Wautersia bacteria, 134.2 L in 3 clean bags for contingency use, 388.5 L in 9 bags still requiring sample analysis, 2. potable water (9 CWCs with 366.7 L, of which 66.6 L in 2 bags require sample analysis & 129.3 L in 3 bags are good for contingency use, 3. iodinated water (53 CWCs with 1000.8 L), 4. condensate water (3 empty CWCs), and 5. waste/EMU dump and other (1 CWC with 20.2 L, 1 empty CWC). Wautersia bacteria are typical water-borne microorganisms that have been seen previously in ISS water sources. These isolates pose no threat to human health.]

No CEO (Crew Earth Observation) photo targets uplinked for today.

ISS Orbit (as of this morning, 7:26am EST [= epoch])
Mean altitude – 339.0 km
Apogee height – 344.4 km
Perigee height – 333.7 km
Period — 91.31 min.
Inclination (to Equator) — 51.64 deg
Eccentricity — 0.0007933
Solar Beta Angle — 17.4 deg (magnitude increasing)
Orbits per 24-hr. day — 15.77
Mean altitude loss in the last 24 hours — 89 m
Revolutions since FGB/Zarya launch (Nov. 98) – 63,610

Significant Events Ahead (all dates Eastern Time and subject to change):
01/05/10 — PMA-3 relocation
01/11-12/10 — ESP-3 relocation
01/14/10 — Russian EVA-24
01/21/10 — Soyuz TMA-16/20S relocation (from SM aft to MRM-2)
02/03/10 — Progress M-04M/36P launch
02/05/10 — Progress M-04M/36P docking
02/07/10 — STS-130/Endeavour/20A – Node-3 “Tranquility”+Cupola (target date)
03/18/10 — Soyuz TMA-16/20S undock/landing
————–Three-crew operations————-
03/18/10 — STS-131/Discovery/19A – MPLM(P), LMC (~1:30pm EST)
04/02/10 — Soyuz TMA-18/22S launch – Skvortsov (CDR-24)/ Caldwell/Kornienko
04/04/10 — Soyuz TMA-18/22S docking
————–Six-crew operations—————–
04/27/10 — Progress M-03M/35P undock
04/28/10 — Progress M-05M/37P launch
04/30/10 — Progress M-05M/37P docking
05/14/10 — STS-132/Atlantis/ULF4 – ICC-VLD, MRM-1 (~2:00pm EST)
05/10/10 — Progress M-04M/36P undock
05/31/10 — Soyuz TMA-17/21S undock/landing
————–Three-crew operations————-
06/14/10 — Soyuz TMA-19/23S launch – Wheelock (CDR-25)/Walker/Yurchikhin
06/16/10 — Soyuz TMA-19/23S docking
————–Six-crew operations—————–
07/xx/10 — US EVA-15
07/xx/10 — Russian EVA-25
06/28/10 — Progress M-06M/38P launch
07/02/10 — Progress M-06M/38P docking
07/26/10 — Progress M-05M/37P undock
07/27/10 — Progress M-07M/39P launch
07/29/10 — Progress M-07M/39P docking
07/29/10 — STS-134/Endeavour (ULF6 – ELC3, AMS-02) (~7:30am EST)
08/30/10 — Progress M-06M/38P undock
08/31/10 — Progress M-08M/40P launch
09/02/10 — Progress M-08M/40P docking
09/15/10 — Soyuz TMA-18/22S undock/landing
09/16/10 — STS-133/Discovery (ULF5 – ELC4, PMM) (~12:01pm EST)
09/18/10 — STS-133/Discovery (ULF5 – ELC4, PMM) docking
09/22/10 — STS-133/Discovery (ULF5 – ELC4, PMM) undock
09/30/10 — Soyuz TMA-20/24S launch – Kelly (CDR-26)/Kaleri/Skripochka
10/xx/10 — Russian EVA-26
10/26/10 — Progress M-07M/39P undock
10/27/10 — Progress M-09M/41P launch
10/29/10 — Progress M-09M/41P docking
11/15/10 — Soyuz TMA-19/23S undock/landing
11/18/10 — ATV2 launch– Ariane 5 (ESA) U/R
11/30/10 — Soyuz TMA-21/25S launch – Kondratyev (CDR-27)/Coleman/Nespoli
12/15/10 — Progress M-08M/40P undock
12/17/10 — ATV2 docking
02/08/11 — Progress M-09M/41P undock
02/09/11 — Progress M-10M/42P launch
02/11/11 — Progress M-10M/42P docking
03/30/11 — Soyuz TMA-22/26S launch
xx/xx/11 — Progress M-11M/43P launch
05/30/11 — Soyuz TMA-23/27S launch
12/??/11 — 3R Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) w/ERA – on Proton

>>> On the 12th day of Christmas the MCCs gave to us …

  • 12 EFUs (Exposed Facility Units) on newly delivered JEF (JEM Exposed Facility)
  • 11 false alarms
  • 10 thousand photos downlinked
  • 9 years and counting of permanent presence on ISS
  • 8 Control Centers (MCC-H, TsUP-M, POIC, COL-CC, SSIPC, HTV-CC, ATV-CC, CSA MPSR)
  • 7 hundred lbs of Oxygen
  • 6 Payload EXPRESS Racks
  • 5 Toolbox Drawers
  • 4 Russian docking ports
  • 3 tons of "fluid" onboard
  • 2 ‘Frosty’ cold MELFI Racks
  • 1 piece of regeneration equipment working…kinda (WPA)

MERRY CHRISTMAS ! (MCC-Houston uplink to the crew, 12/25/09)

SpaceRef staff editor.