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NASA ISS On-orbit Status 2 Oct 2003

By SpaceRef Editor
October 2, 2003
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NASA ISS On-orbit Status 2 Oct 2003

All ISS systems continue to function nominally, except as noted previously or below.  158 days on orbit for Expedition 7.

FE/SO Ed Lu set up the ISSI (In-Space Soldering Investigation) on a work bench (instead of in the MWA [maintenance work area]), then prepared soldering coupons using various shapes (stripped and twisted) of wire and solder at the MWA for the upcoming ISSI tests.

CDR Yuri Malenchenko completed cleaning and inspection of smoke/fire detectors (IDZh-2) in the FGB module.

Malenchenko also downlinked  GFI-1 Relaksatsiya recordings of the Progress 11P orbital maneuvering engine (SKD) burn and Earth limb observations during 11P reentry on 9/4.

Yuri replaced the battery of the European Winograd student experiment (for growing “Winogradski” columns in the zero-G environment toward the 7S visit on Oct. 20-28) with a fresh battery. [These battery replacements are required every 16 days.]
Ed Lu completed his 20th weekly filling-out of the food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), which keeps a log of his nutritional intake over time on special medical equipment computer (MEC) software.

Conducting another session of the Russian Uragan earth imaging program from the task list, the CDR focused the Kodak DCS760 digital camera with 800-mm lens on new targets of nature and industry environment conditions.  [Targets for Uragan today were a field traverse of Sinai Peninsula with overlapping shots, Israeli cities at nadir along the Mediterranean coast, the city of Damascus at nadir, Mt Ararat Volcano and Mt Aragats Volcano just off the track, and the main Caucasus Ridge.]

Yuri also conducted another regular weekly status checkup of the IP-1 air flow sensors that are installed in the various RS (Russian segment) hatchways and the hatchway between FGB and Node.

Both crewmembers worked out with their daily 2.5-h program of physical exercise, on TVIS treadmill, RED expander, and VELO cycle with load trainer.  They performed the weekly TVIS maintenance as well as the scheduled RED inspection/maintenance.

In preparation for tomorrow’s schedule, Malenchenko broke out and set up the equipment for the Russian MedOps biochemical blood test MO-11, consisting of the Reflotron IV analyzer, with accessories, power supply and Reflotron IV kit.  After setup, the instrument was deactivated and left fully configured at the work site until tomorrow morning.   [Yuri will undergo the 2.5-hr. tests tomorrow (10/3), preceded by imbibing 250 ml of warm water or plain (unsugared) tea 20 minutes before taking the blood samples.]

Ed Lu conducted the daily routine maintenance of the SM’s SOZh life support system (including ASU toilet facilities), and prepared the daily IMS (inventory management system) “delta” list for updating the IMS databases.
At 3:03 pm EDT, the crew supported a 19-min. interactive PAO/educational TV event with a JSC Middle School Aerospace Scholars Educational Event at Travis Middle School in Port Lavaca, Texas.  [More than 800 students at Travis participated, and more than 3400 in Texas and Mississippi listened in.]

There are no CEO (crew earth observations) targets from today thru 10/6, while ESTER operates.

SpaceRef staff editor.