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NASA Internal Memo: Latest Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices/Directors, NASA Centers listing

By SpaceRef Editor
October 16, 2006
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NASA Internal Memo: Latest Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices/Directors, NASA Centers listing


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Subject: FW: 10-16-06 OIC List.doc

Attached is the latest Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices/Directors, NASA Centers listing. This listing reflects the following updates:

*Assistant Administrator for Diversity and Equal Opportunity/Ms. Manuel

*Assistant Administrator for Education/Dr. Winterton

This listing will also be updated on the Executive Secretariat’s Web site at:

Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices (October 16, 2006)

Deputy Administrator/Ms. Dale
Associate Administrator/Mr. Geveden
Chief of Staff/Mr. Morrell
Deputy Chief of Staff and White House Liaison/Mr. Jezierski
Assistant Administrator for Security and Program Protection/Mr. Saleeba
Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate/Dr. Porter
Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Mission Directorate/Dr. Horowitz
Associate Administrator for Institutions and Management/Mr. Scales

  • Assistant Administrator for Diversity and Equal Opportunity/Ms. Manuel
  • Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management/Ms. Dawsey
  • Assistant Administrator for Infrastructure and Administration/Ms. Dominguez
  • Assistant Administrator for Procurement/Mr. Luedtke
  • Assistant Administrator for Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization/Mr. Delgado
  • Executive Director, NSSC/Mr. Arbuthnot

Associate Administrator for Program Analysis and Evaluation/Dr. Pace
Associate Administrator for Science Mission Directorate/Dr. Cleave
Associate Administrator for Space Operations Mission Directorate/Mr. Gerstenmaier
Chief Engineer/Mr. Scolese
Chief Financial Officer/Ms. Sykes
Chief Health and Medical Officer/Dr. Williams
Chief Information Officer/Dr. McManus (Acting)
Chief Safety and Mission Assurance/Mr. O’Connor
Chief of Strategic Communications/Mr. Sterner (Acting)

  • Assistant Administrator for Communications Planning/Mr. Hopkins
  • Assistant Administrator for Education/Dr. Winterton
  • Assistant Administrator for External Relations/Mr. O’Brien
  • Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs/Mr. Chase
  • Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs/Mr. Mould

Director, Innovative Partnerships Program Office/Mr. Yadvish (Acting)
Director, Integrated Enterprise Management Program/Mr. German
General Counsel/Mr. Wholley
Inspector General/Mr. Cobb

Directors, NASA Centers

Ames Research Center/Dr. Worden
Dryden Flight Research Center/Mr. Petersen
Glenn Research Center/Dr. Whitlow
Goddard Space Flight Center/Dr. Weiler
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Dr. Elachi
Johnson Space Center/Mr. Coats
Kennedy Space Center/Mr. Kennedy
Langley Research Center/Ms. Roe
Marshall Space Flight Center/Mr. King
Stennis Space Center/Dr. Gilbrech

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