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NASA Internal Memo: Immediate Restriction on Laptops Leaving Ames

By SpaceRef Editor
November 24, 2012
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Subject: Immediate Restriction on Laptops Leaving Ames
From: Centerwide Announcement
Date: November 23, 2012

TO: Resident Staff

FROM: S. Pete Worden, Director, Ames Research Center

SUBJECT: Immediate Restriction on Laptops Leaving Ames

Effective immediately, NO NASA LAPTOP may be taken off the Ames Research Center campus unless Whole Disk Encryption is enabled.

I am fully aware that this is a more restrictive than the November 14, 2012 directive from the Agency Chief Information Office and Administrator, however, since that email, Ames has had two laptops stolen that we are now handling.

Unfortunately, it may take a few more weeks to install whole disk encryption on the Center’s remaining unprotected laptops. I understand the restriction on removing unprotected laptops may be disruptive to some activities supported by the Ames workforce. Nevertheless, I have deemed the overall risk to the Center and Agency to be far too great for my acceptance without implementing this immediate change in policy. In line with this new restriction, unprotected NASA laptops that are currently offsite shall be immediately returned to the Center by the user until protected with whole disk encryption.

Further, every laptop provided by NASA, even if the planned use is exclusively on-site, will need to be protected with whole disk encryption. NASA laptops are regularly stolen or lost on-site as well. Occasional-use laptops provided by NASA for student interns and visitors shall also be protected with whole disk encryption. An appropriate solution for laptops that are too old to be protected by whole disk encryption shall be determined and implemented.

Finally, every laptop that leaves Ames must first have a new property pass issued to its user, effective December 21, 2012. The property pass approval process will verify that the laptop has been protected with whole disk encryption. A revised, web-based, property pass process (with approval routing) for laptops is planned for availability on December 3. Property pass renewals will be required periodically.

If this policy impacts an employee’s ability to perform their job, the employee will be provided a reasonable accommodation. Employees who disregard this policy or disable whole disk encryption may be subject to disciplinary action.

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Deputy Center Director. Requests for exception must first be approved by your organizational director and the Associate Center Director, Mission Support.

S. Pete Worden

SpaceRef staff editor.