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NASA Internal Memo From Jeff Hanley Regarding Steve Cook’s Departure

By SpaceRef Editor
August 29, 2009
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From: Cook, Stephen A. (MSFC-JP01)
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 11:02 AM
To: MSFC-DL-JP-All-Personnel
Subject: From Jeff Hanley…..

Ares Team,

I want to first thank Steve Cook for his service to Constellation and to NASA… Steve’s leadership has been instrumental in bringing Constellation to life and moving it forward. His contribution far exceeds the boundaries of the Ares project, and I have been personally blessed to have known and work with him these past 4 years.

Today, your team enjoys considerable momentum across an expanding product line. You are a team of roughly 4000 contractors and civil servants who have made tremendous progress in the development of Ares I, evident today in the form of real designs, real test hardware, and real facilities to produce this product.

Steve’s departure places a new challenge on all of you. That challenge is to support Teresa in the same manner as Steve has enjoyed, and to keep moving the ball down the field. The best way to honor Steve’s service is to press forward with resolve.

To those who wish to ‘read something into’ Steve’s departure, I say this… The substance of Ares is dependent on no specific individual. It is what the integrated team HAS accomplished and WILL accomplish that matters. And it is in your hands – it remains true that the very BEST expression of the true heart of the Ares team will be the fortitude required to honor Steve’s contribution and excel beyond it.

It is up to you…

On to DM-1, on to Ares I-X, on to CDR… with the grit and ingenuity and resolve that your team has excelled at over the last 4 years.

The Moon awaits… jh

SpaceRef staff editor.