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NASA Internal Memo: Bill Roets to Serve as Acting Head of Procurement, Effective Nov. 6

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October 16, 2020
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From: HQ-NASA-INC <[email protected]>
Subject: Bill Roets to Serve as Acting Head of Procurement, Effective Nov. 6
Date: October 16, 2020 at 9:33:42 AM EDT
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Point of contact: Bettina Inclán, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-1600


Bill Roets to Serve as Acting Head of Procurement, Effective Nov. 6

Effective Nov. 6, Bill Roets, currently NASA’s deputy assistant administrator for Procurement, will assume the role of acting assistant administrator as Monica Manning departs the agency after 17 years of service. 

Bill came to NASA in 2008 and, as the deputy since 2018, has shared responsibility for providing executive senior leadership and direction to the Office of Procurement by planning, coordinating, reviewing, evaluating, and ensuring the timeliness and effectiveness of the full spectrum of NASA procurement activities. He also serves as the agency’s procurement ombudsman and competition advocate.

As the assistant administrator, Monica set the Office of Procurement’s vision and priorities resulting in transformative, innovative and diverse procurement strategies which translated to approximately $19.5 billion in obligations and 36,000 contact actions in support the agency mission. She has been recognized as an outstanding leader and her contributions led to NASA ranking the highest in the quality of support and solutions received for contracting functions across 24 federal agencies in the 2019 Mission-Support Customer Satisfaction Survey administered to all federal employees. 


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