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NASA Internal Memo: Agency Update – June 27, 2017

By SpaceRef Editor
June 28, 2017
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Hey Folks,

It’s been a while since I provided an update, so there are several things to share.

First, thanks to everyone who filled out the Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS). Once again, NASA had great participation at around 67%, while the federal government average looks to be about 41%. As we have done for the past several years, we will use this survey to continue to improve by sharing the best practices in the agency for areas where we score well, and focus on mitigation efforts where we need improvement.

I will finish my planned FY18 budget hearings this week with my testimony to our subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee. I completed House testimony a couple of weeks ago. It is really an honor to represent this great team in front of Congress and share what we are doing.

I just returned from a trip to Europe, where I met with several of our international and industry partners. I also saw the European Service Module for Orion being built in Bremen, Germany and visited several universities in Bremen and Dublin, Ireland. I can tell you the global interest in space is exciting. Our international teams and the students are ready to join us in our missions!

Finally, as we work the FY19 budget process, we are preparing to submit our first response to the Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch. We have a number of initiatives — including building off several activities like the Business Services Assessment and Capability Leadership — which are well underway. Lesa Roe and I will be doing all-hands meetings at each center in August and look forward to updating everyone on these items.

Thanks again for all you are doing. While I don’t have an update on the new Administrator and Deputy, the feedback from the White House and Congressional stakeholders about how NASA is doing during this transition has been very positive. So keep it up, and I look forward to seeing you in August!


SpaceRef staff editor.