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NASA Integrated Technical Standards System

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April 26, 2011
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Synopsis – Apr 22, 2011
ITSS Draft SOW – Posted on Apr 22, 2011
General Information
Solicitation Number: NNM11378229Q
Posted Date: Apr 22, 2011
FedBizOpps Posted Date: Apr 22, 2011
Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: No
Original Response Date: May 06, 2011
Current Response Date: May 06, 2011
Classification Code: A — Research and Development
NAICS Code: 541712 – Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)

Contracting Office Address

NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812



It is important that qualified NASA personnel and NASA contractor personnel have ready access to Technical Standards Products and other NASA-developed documents provided by the NASA Technical Standards Project Office to the contractor, including Lessons Learned/Best Practices/Application Notes, and standards update notification system in order to accomplish their assigned tasks through a single access point via their individual computer workstations

NASA intends to award a contract for the NASA Integrated Technical Standards System (ITSS). Currently there are two separate contracts: NNM06AA02C for Electronic Subscription Delivery of Standards Products (ESDSP) and NNM06AA03C for ITSS. The current contracts are held by Information Handling Services (IHS) and have a period of performance through 06/29/2011. However, NASA intends to combine the two into one contract for this award. The anticipated contract will consist of a one (1) year base and two (2) 1-year options. NASA Integrated Technical Standards System is to provide qualified Agency wide NASA users and NASA contractors with effective access to technical standards from Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) through a fully integrated and seamless system.


The current capabilities of the NASA Integrated Technical Standards System components are:

1. The ITSS provides electronic subscription delivery of standards products plus necessary document metadata and access to standards documents integrated into the NASA Integrated Technical Standards System. The current Agency-wide Full-Text Technical Standards System, accessible at , has as its principal objective the retrieval and dissemination of standards documents and related information to NASA personnel and NASA Contractor users in an expeditious manner. The system provides “one-stop” access to Technical Standards Products (i.e., standards, specifications, handbooks, guidelines, recommended practices, etc.) developed by NASA and other government and non-government Standards Developing Organizations (SDO), as well as to other NASA-developed documents (e.g., NASA Directives). This ITSS provides access to Standards Products via the web to individual user workstations. The user is provided on-demand access to the standard or other document if it is electronically available, or the capability to order the hard copy or electronic document.

2. Notification of changes to technical standards are provided by the ITSS. Changes to technical standards can have major impacts on the safety, performance, reliability, and cost of NASA’s programs and projects. The ITSS allows users to register NASA, other government, and non-government developed standards documents to receive automatic notifications when the document is revised, superseded, cancelled, etc. A capability is provided in the ITSS for maintaining the notification and tracking system to ensure updates to standards are accurate and current.

3. The capability is provided within the ITSS to integrate any technical standard with the Agency’s lessons learned (LL) data, best practices (BP) data and application notes (AN). This capability for communicating and sharing past scientific and technical experience is crucial to the Agency’s continued success in maintaining scientific and technical excellence and in mission accomplishments in the future. By providing hyperlinks to all NASA LL/BPs/ANs and identifying those that have applicability to the use of individual Technical Standards products, this the ITSS enhances the user’s ability to apply the best and most current technical knowledge to the task being addressed.

4. The ITSS provides a strategic and cost effective licensing approach for standards and related documents accessed by NASA.

5. The ITSS provides access or links to Engineering tools (e.g. components and parts databases, material databases, logistic databases, etc.)

NASA User Community. The contractor selected shall provide access via the ITSS to the NASA user community comprised of NASA personnel and NASA contractor personnel residing at each of the 16 NASA Facilities and their ancillary facilities located outside the NASA Facilities’ physical boundaries, whose identity and authenticity have been verified by the NTSP Office.


The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to allow interested companies who feel that they can potentially perform the attached Draft Statement of Work to submit a Capability Statement detailing their qualifications, existing system technologies and capabilities to provide access to the needed standards.


In your response provide the following information:

1. Can you provide cost effective access to the document types listed in the Appendices of the draft Statement of Work?

2. Can you provide access to all of the listed Standards Development Organizations listed in the Appendices of the draft Statement of Work? If not, which ones can you not provide, and why?

3. In case of exclusivity agreements, are there any cost effective ways that you can still provide the documents listed in the Appendices of the draft Statement of Work?

4. Can you provide subscription services for the frequently accessed Standards Development Organizations?

5. Can you provide a deposit account capability for limited accessed standard organizations?

6. Does your system provide supporting data and information so that NASA engineers will have confidence that they have the right information?

7. Can your system provide access to the standards data across multiple locations? Does your system provide worldwide access via the Internet?

8. Can your system provide access, timing, and cost efficient metric information? If so what metric information is available?

9. Can your system safeguard the integrity of your compliance management and document control systems?

10. How does your system keep up-to-date with the standard changes?

11. Can your system provide instantaneous download of the requested standards in common used formats? (eg. PDF, Word)

12. Can your system provide electronic and hardcopies of the requested standards? For hard copies, what is it average shipping time on requests?

13. Do you have a customer service capability? If so, what is its staffing hours? What is it average turnaround time on a customer service request?

14. Does your system have the capability for full-text searching? Does your system have an advanced filters capability for searching documents?

15. Can you provide access to Engineering tools? If so what type of tools?

16. Does your system provide for simultaneous access to the standards? If so how many users can have simultaneous access to a given Standard Development Organization and their standards?

17. How does your system design provide for contingency access to the information if the primary storage location is damaged or losses data or power access?


Organizations responding to thei RFI with the relevant capabilities statement information should submit their response no later than 4:30 PM Central Standard Time, on Friday, May 6th, 2011. RFI submissions will be accepted as email attachments only, addressed to with “ITSS RFI Response” in the subject line. The file format should not exceed 25 pages, and should use single space, 12-point, Times New Roman format. The following file naming convention should be used; “NASA Integrated Technical Standards System-(Insert Company Name)”.

Although all comments received will be carefully reviewed and considered for inclusion in any possible later Agency action relative to the scope of work for the NASA Integrated Technical Standards System, the Government does not desire to enter into a formal contractual arrangement at this time. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the review of their response to the RFI.

NASA will not publicly disclose proprietary information obtained as a result of the RFI. To the full extent that it is protected by law and regulations, information identified by a respondent as Proprietary or Confidential will be kept confidential.

This RFI is being used to obtain information for planning purposes only relative to the development of a final scope of work and the Government does not presently intend to award a contract at this time. As stipulated in FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. This RFI is subject to FAR 52.215-3 Request for Information or Solicitation for Planning Purposes (Oct 1997).


For further information please contact the following:

a. Procurement Point of Contact

Name: Mike Thomas Title: Contract Specialist, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Phone: 256-544-3370 Fax: 256-544-5028 Email:

Point of Contact
Name: Michael R Thomas
Title: Contract Specialist
Phone: 256-544-3370
Fax: 256-544-4726

Name: Jeannette S. Swearingen
Title: Contract Specialist
Phone: 256-544-1395
Fax: 256-544-5028

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