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NASA Idea Brainstorming Tool

By SpaceRef Editor
February 6, 2010
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NASA Idea Brainstorming Tool

NASA is seeking input on the creation of the NASA Open Government Plan. As outlined in the Open Government Directive, this brainstorming tool is a mechanism gain input on how to make the key principle of openness a meaningful pillar of NASA’s mission, and how to implement participation, transparency and collaboration activities such that NASA becomes more relevant, efficient, and accountable. Key ideas and suggestions developed through this process will be prioritized in the NASA Open Government Plan.

The brainstorming tool allows ideas to be submitted in four broad categories:

1. Transparency – What information and high-value data should we provide to make NASA more accountable, improve public knowledge of NASA’s work, and create economic opportunity? How can NASA make information and data available in a timely and accessible manner?

2. Participation – How can NASA encourage two-way conversations with the public to share ideas and expertise to improve our work? What specific tools and strategies should we use to encourage these public conversations?

3. Collaboration – How should NASA collaborate with individuals, businesses, non-profits, other agencies, or state/local governments? What kinds of prizes/contests should we consider to attract others in working with NASA? What top problems should we tackle together?

4. Innovation – What new technologies and strategies can NASA use to be more open, efficient and save taxpayer money?

On the brainstorming tool, you can:

* View the ideas of others and comment on them
* Submit your own ideas
* Vote for or against ideas you think are most important
* Help moderate the community by flagging inappropriate posts and comments

Ideas and comments submitted to the site are public, and anyone can view them. But you must create an account – become a registered user — before you can submit, comment, or vote on ideas. Your participation in this dialog is of course voluntary, and no payments or gifts will be made to respondents. However, your participation will help to ensure the outcome of this process meets your expectations and values.

To ensure NASA fully captures and responds to ideas submitted, the agency has enlisted a team of moderators to participate in the process and facilitate dialog about this exciting opportunity. In addition to the GSA Terms of Participation for the brainstorming tool, our NASA moderators offer the following guidance to ensure a productive community and healthy dialog:

1. Openly share your ideas, comments and perspectives within the listed topic areas. Don’t be shy– many people probably have similar sentiments, and will appreciate your leadership in starting the dialog.

2. If you highlight a problem, try to suggest a solution. Feel free to be creative; it’s possible you have new approaches not yet articulated.

3. Be careful to proofread your posts. The NASA moderators will not edit submissions for spelling and grammar.

4. Show respect for others and use appropriate language. (For example, ideas and comments that contain disrespectful or obscene language will be removed. See Terms of Participation for more information.)

5. Focus on content. Feel free to disagree or challenge the suggestions and ideas of others – but remember to do so without personal attacks on the individuals who posted them.

6. Keep an open mind when reading others’ points of view – the goal is shared dialog, not “winning” a debate.

7. Moderators will ensure this is a constructive and productive space, and will remove any post that or violates the terms of participation. If your post is removed, you will be notified and told why.

8. NASA employees are free to share personal ideas and opinions, and are participating as individuals. Only NASA moderators’ comments should be taken to reflect the official NASA viewpoint.

9. This activity comes at a time when the U.S. space program is embarking on a bold, new trajectory. These times may also provide opportunities or inspire fresh perspectives related to the Open Government Directive. However, please remember that this brainstorming tool is intended for ideas and comments related to the goals of the Directive and the creation of a NASA Open Government Plan. If you have general questions or suggestions about NASA, please submit them through normal channels, available here.

We encourage you to participate in the discussion and look forward to hearing your ideas. Start submitting, rating and commenting on ideas now:

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